After Arsenal, Rwanda enters in partnership with French club PSG to advertise its tourism

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Rwanda entered in partnership with Paris Saint Germain, a french football club
Rwanda entered in partnership with Paris Saint Germain, a french football club

Rwanda has announced that it is entering in partnership with a French club, Paris Saint Germain Football Club to  attract more tourists coming in Rwanda  around the world.

This partnership comes a year after Rwanda signed another partnership with British football club, Arsenal in which Visit Rwanda brand was highlighted on Arsenal jersey, and Rwanda tourism being shown on Arsenal stadium and on its online platforms.

Through Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rwanda announced that this partnership with   Paris Saint-Germain Football Club will attract more French investors.

“Today Rwanda and PSG announce a unique and innovative partnership inviting the world to be part of the country’s inspiring transformation. The partnership will convey Rwanda’s openness to welcome business partnerships from France and across the world and share the country’s many opportunities for investment” the announcement reads on Twitter.

“For three seasons, the  Paris Saint-Germain Football Club   community and the world will have a unique opportunity to experience Rwanda’s breath-taking beauty, creative culture, innovative environment, and modern and distinctive” it adds.

Rwanda’s partnership with Arsenal brought controversy, with Netherlands members of Parliament asking their government to stop aiding Rwanda, emphasizing that they can’t accept that people’s money be used to advertise with a football club.

Money Rwanda pays Arsenal has not been disclosed, however  in June this year, Rwanda Development Board told journalists that so far Rwanda has benefitted  more than USD 38 million from that partnership.

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