Zimbabwe: fresh Misfortunes as ED Mnangagwa Is Sandwiched from All Corners of the World

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Following last week’s message sent to President ED Mnangagwa by Boris Johnson British Prime Minister more is coming shadowing Zimbabwe with fresh, new misfortunes. The message came in the hands of two plenipotentiaries Harriet Mathews Director for Africa, Foreign Affairs and Common-Wealth Office and Debbie Palmer, Director for West and Southern Africa, UK Department for International Development. Some other countries like among them China are dragging cold feet over Zimbabwe following several reports.

The two envoys told Journalists in Harare that Britain is concerned with the observance of Zimbabwe Government to Human Rights, rule of law and the need for reforms to be put in place. They added that there are new signs of lack of human rights at a time the World is watching.

‘’There are several abuses reported since this Government got power. Britain is totally against this. There is need of observing the flow of human rights in the country. . There is rotting wave of challenges socially, politically and economically’’.

Harriet Matthews and Debbie Palmer assured ED and his Government that Britain has more in store only if human rights were observed. They also talked of the need to go for reforms in the country. This, they note is the route to full Democracy. Britain seems to go deep into some form of sanctions looking at lack of human rights in the country.

‘’There are issues these people need to follow, take into action and implement. There is need for human right to be followed without failure. There are a lot of abuses Zimbabwe has to account for. This is what UK is against.’’

‘’Looks like Zimbabwe is sanctioned by Britain , it’s like they claim , but it’s all about failure to be accountable , failure to respect rule of Law and end human rights violations .

‘’Reform or no support’’, UK Tells ED.

Nicholas Soames, British Member of Parliament talked openly about the need for the country to go for reforms and observe human rights. He added that Mnanggwa is a disappointment failure of him to observe human rights and rule of law. He said this while in the House of Commons on 4 September.

‘’Mnangagwa is a disappointment. He must hold accountable those who abuse human rights. He has failed to handle the situation at the same time everything is going bad in the country. What we want to see are reforms put in place then an end to human rights abuses.

‘’All in All its about Accountability in terms of human rights , political and economic reforms , stopping human rights violations , abductions  and several /other form of abuses . Besides, there is corruption. Thus why we channel our funds through Non-Governmental Organisations not the Government of Zimbabwe.  We have given 94 million pounds aid between 2018 and 2019. We also gave 100 million pounds before that,’’ he was quoted.

European Union and USA told Zimbabwe the same words in terms of the country’s need to be accountable to human rights, observance of peace and no human rights abuses. Tim Olkonnen EU Head of Delegation to Zimbabwe gave a brief comment late end of week. He cited repetition of mistakes

‘’There must be an end to repetition of what I bad like fresh abuses .What Zimbabwe must observe is Human Rights. Ending human rights violation, abuses and past few days’ abduction is questionable. Who argues that, let alone an abuser of human rights? Humanity is an International area of recognition for any country to attain economic and human development. Even churches, civil society, NGO’s, AU, and EU. We are looking at what we want to see as change’’


Even China may be  developing a cold feet over Zimbabwe .This, an insider of anonymity talking to Pan-African-Visions Journalist pointed out that the country might have gone pretty well in terms of its economy .He further points out that China as well looks at what the West looks at.

 ‘’It is all about human rights respect , respect of rule of law and ending corruption .We want to see everything in place like what the west is looking at . How can we just ignore issues of Human-Rights? We- are one World of Peace, Unity and Human-Rights respect for Economic development.

‘’We are as well not interested by what is taking place, especially corruption. It makes China stoop low over Zimbabwe because you al know, we hate corruption .To show this, we kill those involved’’, he concluded.

Zimbabwe has been plunged into pool of more miserable misfortunes this new week with countries like China taking low interest to push Zimbabwe going. The secret source says China can- not make noise over this but get into it slowly and nicely. Mnangagwa , source note is always in fresh new headaches .

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