President Kiir regrets lack of funds for peace implementation

By Deng Machol

President Salva kiir

Juba – South Sudan president Salva Kiir has said that lack of funds was the main hindrance toward speedy implementation of the revitalized peace deal as deadline approaches.

President Kiir and opposition groups, including Dr. Machar signed a new peace deal in 2018 but the implementation is crippled by lack of funds.

“Lack of funds has been one of our main obstacle which is hindrance the successful implementation of the revitalized peace agreement (R-ARCSS), particularly Chapter 2 on the permanent ceasefire and security arrangement,” said president Kiir while addressing the heads of foreign missions over the weekend.

President further urged for more donor support toward the implementation of the new peace deal that aims to ending the country’s five – year conflict.

“You should inform governments of the country you are accredited to that my government has been doing its best to implement the agreement even with our scarce resources to implement the R-ARCSS,” he said.

“We need the commitment of the regional and international community as promised during the negotiation of the R – ARCSS.”

Kiir reiterated that his government remains committed to achieving lasting peace and stability in the restive country.

Re-adjust foreign ambassadors

President Kiir also admitted that the number of South Sudanese diplomats in foreign mission embassies was huge compared to their foreign counterparts in Juba.

“I want us to admit that the number of our diplomats in the embassies is huge and we need to re-adjust immediately. I witness this whenever I visit countries where we have embassies,” said Kiir. “When our diplomats turn up at the airport, it desires a lot compared to when I receive foreign heads of states here in Juba where the number of their diplomats is quiet small.”

He directed the foreign ministry to trim the number of diplomats in foreign countries.

“There should not be two ambassadors in bilateral posting except in multilateral posting, which means a diplomat can deputize an ambassador in bilateral posting and military attaches’ in countries with military cooperation with South Sudan. Immigration attaches should be based in countries with bigger number of South Sudanese,” said Kiir.

The warring parties failed to formed the transitional unity government in May and both agreed to a six – month extension with only one month remaining before the formation of much-awaited transitional unity government on November 12, in which Dr. Machar will be the first vice president, position he held until July 2013.

President Kiir and designated vice president, opposition leader Dr. Machar held serious face-to-face talks in early September in Juba and the two principals agreed to speed up screening and registration of their forces as they enter the over 30 cantonment sites.

The IGAD – revitalized peace deal broker has recently said the parties to the peace deal failed to form the unified force by the September 30, 2019 deadline.

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