Kenyan Envoy urges S. Sudanese leaders to end conflict, and build robust institutions

By Deng Machol

File Picture.Kalonzo and President Kiir at a previous function.Source/Robert Alai/Twitter

Juba – The Kenyan Special Envoy has urged South Sudanese warring parties’ leaders to quickly resolve a current political conflict and stalemate in order to move the country forward to physique robust institutions and development in abide in the interest of the entire citizen.

President Salva Kiir and a key opposition groups, including Riek Machar signed a revitalized peace deal last year, in an attempt to ending the country’s five-year conflict that has killed nearly 400,000 and displaced four million people from their homes, before it has devastated the country’s economy.

The warring parties are expected to form a new unity government on November 12 after six months of extensions on May. But President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have disagreed over the pre – transitional deadline.

Dr. Riek Machar wants key provisions in the security arrangements to be implemented before the establishment of the new government, include well-trained and unified army, police and national security, and the determination of the number of states.

The SPLM-IO and the National Democratic Movement have both suggested an extension of the pre-transitional period, something that the government and some signatories, politicians have totally rejected any further delay in the formation of the TGoNU, arguing that outstanding issues will be addressed later by a coalition government.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), international community and regions said the unity government must be formed on time, rejected any another extension.

Speaking in Juba on Tuesday, the Kenyan Special Envoy, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka said the disagreements are hindering East Africa’s country from attracting investments around the global.

He added the discrepancy over the formation of a unity government requires a political will and compromise from all parties to the peace deal

“I urge each one of you in political leadership in this country to leverage the diversity of South Sudan and enhance it to build strong and responsible institutions that respond effectively to the needs of the people,” said Kalonzo, in reference to the country’s politicians.

South Sudan secured independence from north Sudan in 2011 after decades of a scorched – earth civil war that has killed two million lives but descended into its own conflict in mid – December 2013 after president Kiir sacked Dr. Machar as vice president.

Kenyan envoy Kalonzo further appealed to the country’s warring leaders to move world youngest nation into an era of sustainable peace, political stability and economic growth.

“I want to urge that you marshal your commitments and drive to claim and secure the future of your country and indeed the entire region,” said Kalonzo.

Over the weekend, a meeting of Regional and International Special Envoys in Djibouti also emphasized the need for the warring parties to the peace deal to redouble their efforts to ensure full implementation of the deal is in place. They agreed for the timely formation of the unity government with all the signatories to the peace agreement, further called on partners to provide urgent political and material support to the peace process in South Sudan.

Kenyan Special Envoy Kalonzo, who also met president Kiir said, it is important to move from pre-transitional to transitional period.

The current peace deal is a litmus test to South Sudanese warring parties leaders whether they are capable to ending the conflict in the country.

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