Gambia:GAP Leader says he owes money to a woman, promises to settle it

By Adama Makasuba

Musa Batchilly

By Adama Makasuba

Musa Batchilly, the secretary general and leader of Gambia Action Party has agreed owing sum amount of money to one Mariama Joof a Dakar based doctor and promised to pay back the money.  GAP leader made the confession during an unveiling ceremony of his party’s new flag-bearer on Monday at Qcity in Bijilo.

“I Bachilly will never lie I have debts, I owe about certain people. Any successful businessman has debts and I will pay it, this is my private life, it has nothing to do with GAP,” he said.

He said he would welcome all criticism from what he called his critics adding that they don’t have any fact about him, describing them as ‘rumor mongers.’

He said the delay to settle of settling the debt was because he took his daughter to India for overseas treatment whom he said was suffering from kidney problem, adding that he paid 100,000 dalasi to the lady.

However, Mr. Batchilly who was alleged to have owed a Dakar based business woman about 300,000 dalasi was summoned by a lower court in Kanifing over the matter.

He said that: “we respect the law and we follow the procedures of the law. Now the law will deal with her because she gave the whole world and Gambians false information.”

He added: “there is nothing on earth that can move me. This legal battle they say, I’m stronger than yesterday and I will be stronger than tomorrow too.”

According to him, if the country should go  on screening people who want to be a leader of the country saying” for me, we are a threat that is why they are posting menacing; kind of defame me in all kind of angles.”

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