2nd Ahmadiyaa Peace Conference Africa Hosted By Gambia

By Bakary Ceesay

The Gambia hosted the 2nd Ahmadiyaa Peace Conference Africa on 19th October, 2019.

 The Second Peace Conference in Africa organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. The event is aimed at promoting peace in Africa and also to recognize the efforts of people working towards the advancement of peace and other humanitarian services in Africa.

 It was held under the theme: “The Islamic Solution to World Peace” attracted diverse religious faithful’s, academia, civil societies, state and local authorities in a bid to promoting and nurturing a peaceful society for all.

  In his welcoming remarks, Baba F Trawally, Amir of Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at The Gambia said today event is the second of its kind in Africa, after the first one was successful held in Ghana.

According to him,  the Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at global strive to spread the message of peace is not something new, as Hazrat Mirza Masroor  Ahmad is champion the global drive for the attainment not just world peace but for the realization and observance of each individual and also for global peace.

He explained that it is in this spirit the he wrote letters to various heads of state and religious leaders’ around the world including the president of US, Prime minister of UK and King of Saudi Arabia amongst others preaching peace and also how we can save the world from disasters and the destructions of war thereby paving the way for lasting peace in the world.

Amir Trawally stressed that Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at worldwide is a very peaceful sect within Islam and it is in that spirit the Jama’at is striving to bring the world under the banner of God almighty which is peace, love, tolerance, brotherhood, unity and diversity.

He pointed out that the motto of the Jama’at is ‘love for all, hatred for none’, usually they organise  such events in various part of the world, as Islam is a religion of peace the founder of Islam Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) preach and spread peace look after and care the poor needy and the welfare of everyone.

 “As a nation and continent it is our duty to always preach and spread peace in our society and community and the peace we are bless with should be jealously guarded because without peace there can’t be any meaningful development,” he stressed.

Cherno Sulayman Jallow, chairman of Constitutional Review Commission admitted that mankind lived in a trouble world, a world that has many scars a world that needs serious souls searching and a world that needs to understand its purpose, a world that is gradually and consistently losing not only it focus but also turning its attention back away from God and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He pointed out that: “We live in a world that is in competition with itself and one wander with regard to what, a world where profit is put before soul, respect,  honesty, dignity and integrity an indeed pick against mankind especially the most downtrodden in the society, we have a serious problem,”

Justice Jallow added that: “We live in a world where the manufacturers of arms the trade and the retailer of the weapons see only profit  and not the  consequence of their deeds, the goal of manufacturing arms is only one that is to take away human life”

He cited the  Holy Quran where God reveals that he ‘has perfected our religion for us, and divide us into nations so that we may live with each other,’  instead of accepting the beauty and creation of God to nurture peace and tranquility amongst ourselves we saw the seed of discord, discrimination, dishonest conduct, envy and  racism.

“When we turn our back against God we turn against ourselves and the peace we need to live together in harmony ourselves, Islam is peace it is not hatred or war it is not about an ideology versus belief it is not about taking or vilifying human life. Islam is about peace and loving protecting each other along the path of God”

He implored the Jama’at to continue their benevolence to mankind to enable the future generation to live in a world of peace and social injustice.

James Allen Yaw Odico, Anglican Bishop of The Gambia, Senegal and Cape Verde stressed that it is their responsibility as religious leaders to advocate and nurture true peace across the globe.

He explained that the  interfaith dialogue will not only facilitate  understanding among us but to foster tolerance and respect of each other’s belief, whiling calling  on others who are not yet in the interfaith bandwagon to jump in with an inform decision to foster global peace.

He lamented that the world is full of hate it is a challenge in the promotions of peace in the world today. 

“As we participated in his historic event we implored all to reflect on the love of God which enforce us to the love of our neighbors peace is the product of love, as the excellent way to achieve peace in our families, communities, nations and world at large is a genuine love,” Bishop Odico pointed out.

According to him, the several attempts to achieve peace within the globe has fail woefully because there is no sincere love every participant goes with a hidden agenda driving self interest in his or her position.

Karim Khan, assistant secretary general United Nations said Islam preaches peace love and caring for others. He noted that Islamic solution to peace is serving to humanity by caring for others.

He pointed out that the Islamic solution to world peace is based on the wisdom and guidance of Islam and one of the essential aspects of Islam is equality. 

He urged people to celebrate their different diversity in race tribe in realizing a peaceful world for mankind.

He harp on the equality of all human being irrespective of tribe, color as no one has any superiority to one another as we are all brothers.

About Peace Conference Africa

The peace conference Africa was launched in 2018 by worldwide head of Ahmadiyaa Muslim Jama’at Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad in 2018 and the first conference was held in Ghana attended by over 450 guests.

Islam focuses on securing peace in every sphere of human activity. It encourages all to promote education, respect and tolerance, improve social interfaith harmony, support charitable causes and served humanity regardless race, creed or color.

The peace conference is dedicated to established peace at all levels and to protect the basic human rights of all. It is keen to recognise efforts made by anyone to advance the cause of peace.

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