African scientists’ top chart at 2019 World Champions colleting 22 of 46 awards

Talk education in the 21st century, talk Africa.

By Amos Fofung

Ghanaian-born Issac Mbir Bryant is the 2019 World Champion in Bioprocess Engineering (Photo:Brandenburg university of Technology)
Ghanaian-born Issac Mbir Bryant is the 2019 World Champion in Bioprocess Engineering (Photo:Brandenburg university of Technology)

Once more the continent has scored high at the world stage, this time in the scientific domain. During the just-released 2019 World Championship recognition, African scientists grab twenty-two of the forty-six awards listed this year.

This includes the award for Mass Communication (Media Convergence) received by Oluchi Emma Okoroafor from the United Kingdom  ,and a decedent of Nigeria.

Nigerian scientists scooped over ten of the continent’s awards in fields such as; statistic, medical laboratory science (antiretroviral therapy), physics (Einstein Plenary Equation), and computer mathematics (numerical integration) among others.

With submission said to have been received from over 97 countries worldwide in most categories, the honorees from Africa most at times had to beat thousands of competitors before securing their awards. Such is the case with Dr. Yakubu Nura of the University of Maiduguri Nigeria. The native of Yobe state won World Physics Competition by defeating some 5720 contenders from 97 countries.

Aside from Nigeria, Scientists from Mauritius, Kenya, Algeria, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Congo all received awards for their contribution to the scientific world.

Organized by the International Agency for Standards and Ratings, IASR, this year, African scientist excelled over thousands of applications and nominations received from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America. 

About the World Championship

With an advisory board of 33 top-notched scientists from Kenya, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, Japan, and Taiwan among others, the World Championship is a platform for world’s latest and breakthrough research.

According to its organizers, the Legends on World Championship are Iconic Megastars and recognized as brilliant Intellectuals scientists who create history with their unbeatable leadership and stardom.

The annual championship identifies the World’s Most Influential Scientists who are changing the world as the standout as a role model for scholars, Industrialists, policymakers, scientists, and academicians.

International meritorious competitions are organized for Best Thesis and Dissertation Award, Doctoral Research Award and milestone international research articles.

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