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Rwandans forced Third Term on me-President Kagame

July 03, 2019

By Maniraguha Ferdinand [caption id="attachment_61287" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Kagame speaks during a press conference ahead Liberation Day ceremony Kagame speaks during a press conference ahead Liberation Day ceremony[/caption] President Paul Kagame of Rwanda said he did not want to run for a third turn before Rwandans begged him to do so. He revealed this on Tuesday afternoon during a press conference ahead of Liberation Day ceremony which comes on 4th July. In 2015 Rwanda hold a referendum which amended the Constitution, and  incumbent president was allowed to run for other terms beyond two. As a Rwandese Patriotic Front flag bearer, Kagame won 2017 presidential elections with 98 %. Opposition alleged him of amending the constitution to cling on power which he has held since 2000. Speaking to local and international journalists, Kagame said it was against his will to run for another term. “It’s an open secret that I didn’t want to continue. Even people in my party who I interacted with, my view was on one side and theirs on the other. I asked them to keep thinking differently and to bring the same argument next time.” Kagame who led rebel group that ended a 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, went on saying  he is happy with the achievements the country is realizing under his leadership. He said “I might be fitting into the accidental president context but while I am there, I have to do something. Before I became President I was a person who fought a real fight. Where I didn’t know whether I would  survive the next day”.       President Kagame stressed that  what brings him joy is  “to be alive. To be on an everyday struggle to make this country better. At first you sacrifice and then you enjoy the sacrifice. I enjoy this fight to make this country better.” The Constitution that was amended in 2015 allows Kagame who turns 62 next October, to run for presidency until 2034.

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