Sierra Leone: West Africa’s oldest University’s Student elections cancelled

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Following a serious riotous and disorderly behaviour put up by students in one of West Africa Oldest Universities, Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone    , the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education (MHTE) has cancelled the college’s Student Union elections slated for Friday 28th June with immediate effect.

The release came just hours after a conflict broke out between the two main factions on campus, the whites and blacks on Fourah Bay College Campus  in which aspirants vying for the leadership of the student’s union were scheduled to debate at the Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre which started well but turn out violent before it ended.

‘’The debate started at FBC campus on the 25th June 2019 as scheduled. Due to disagreements between the two main factions, namely the ‘’Black and white ‘’ camps,’’ the release stated.

According to the release , the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education  made an on the spot visit to assess the rioutus situation there by direct as follows that all Fourah Bay College Student’s Union activities are banned with immediate effect , in addition that the administration of Fourah Bay College should institute an investigation into the cause(s) of the violence, identify actors and perpetrators of the violence and report to the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and or before 2nd July , 2019 for further action.

The release further stated that in the ensuing violence windowpanes of some of the newly refurbished buildings were pelted with stones, wind screens of vehicles smashed and in addition the few police officers on campus were also pelted with an assortment of missiles.

According to the release from the MHTE, it has requested the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to deploy at strategic location on the FBC Campus for the security of staff, students and assets.

The cancellation of the 28th June SU elections would be a set back after almost a decade of the non-existence of student Union body in West Africa’s oldest university.

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