Rwandans took Uganda government to EAC court over torture

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Muhawenimana (right) with his wife Dusabimana and the baby who was born in prison
Muhawenimana (right) with his wife Dusabimana and the baby who was born in prison

Three Rwandans have taken Ugandan government to East African of Justice, accusing it illegal detention and torture.

Their case was filed this Monday before East African Court of Justice, Kigali sub registry Office.

Among plaintiffs there are Ezechiel Muhawenimana, 36 together with his wife  Dusabimana Esperance who was incarcerated in Uganda  while she was pregnant.

They want a compensation of over million dollars for the harm caused by security organs in Uganda.

Speaking to media after filing their case, Muhawenimana and his wife said they were arrested in July last year in their journey to the funeral of Dusabimana’s aunt in Uganda.

Richard Mugisha, the lawyer to the plaintiffs said his clients ‘rights have been abused while  in detention in Uganda.

“They are looking to get remedies for the bod harms that they have suffered. They are also looking for  compensation because all of them had money taken from them. Among them there  is a couple whose baby was born in prison.” Mugisha said

He blamed Ugandan government for the way his clients were treated, adding that “ After arresting them, they  were taken to police and charged with illegal entry which is ridiculous considering that they had gone trough a known port of entry.The rest of what happened to them is extremely disturbing and violation of human rights.”

Muhawenimana and his wife want a compensation of one hundred thousand dollars, while Musoni Hakolimana Venant, a co-complainant wants a million dollars for the remedies.

Mugisha believes justice will be given considering the evidence they have.

“We believe in this court because that is the reason it was established. We hope to find justice from here.” He stressed.

The East African Court of Justice is one of the organs of the East African Community based in Arusha, Tanzania.

On its website, it says its major responsibility is to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of and compliance with the EAC  treaty.

Rwanda and Uganda both are members of East African Community


This comes after relations between and Rwanda deteriorated since 2017, with Rwanda alleging Uganda of mistreating its people, arresting them illegally and  torturing them.


Uganda denies the allegations and insists those who are arrested are suspects of espionage and are treated lawfully.


These tensions between two countries has made Rwanda to warn its citizens over crossing to Uganda.

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