Relief to IDPs: Government to Dispatch some 40 truckloads to SW/NWRs of Cameroon

Ambazonia Interim Government calls for the rejection of Humanitarian Assistance from French Cameroon”

By Boris Esono in Buea

Minister Paul Atanga Nji during his visit to the Coordination center for humanitarian assistance in Buea
Minister Paul Atanga Nji during his visit to the Coordination center for humanitarian assistance in Buea

The Minister of Territorial Administration says some 40 trucks loaded with humanitarian assistance will be send to victims of the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions. Minister Paul Atanga Nji, and the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator, Allegra Baiocchi, alongside other humanitarian agencies involve in providing assistance have endorsed a document that defines the roles and scope of operations in the crisis hit regions.

The various stakeholders were in Buea June 11, where they jointly visited the Coordination Centre for Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan (EHAP), where all aids destined to victims of the crisis will be coordinated.

Speaking to the various humanitarian organizations and partners, Minister Atanga Nji warned that they will only work with government recognized humanitarian organizations legally registered in government offices. According to the minister, government knows the number of displaced persons and will work with that number and not that provided by NGOs on the ground.

“As a government, we want to show the international community that we are on board, we are working. You bring your assistance for us to consolidate but our domestic policies, affairs; we managed them so we build a strong and united Cameroon” he said.

Speaking to the press he said “we came to commission the members, to give them guidelines on how to do the operations on the field. Most of the time we have had misunderstandings because we had to rebuild some confidence and put down well laid principles”. “A document called practical modalities was given to the members, which has to do with transparency, accountability and others. The Humanitarian agencies have the constraints of being neutral but neutrality has to do with transparency”.

“….When we don’t hear gunshots, that is a sign that the government has done a lot of things and they should help us promote what the government has been doing because if the impression is that we are doing just little, it will be a kind of globalization of indifference when it comes to what the government is doing”. “after the humanitarian assistance, the government will be looking for the development of self reliance. The humanitarian assistance is just a short term issue as long term will be the putting in place of development which has to do with self reliance, so that instead of given assistance, people have the opportunities of doing things for themselves” Atanga Nji added.

According to South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, there is need for transparency in the actions of the humanitarian organizations. He said “Sometimes we may not know where the assistance is actually going to. Today we may not have any misunderstandings because everybody has taken note on what has been recommended by the government”.

Speaking during the outing of Territorial Administration Minister to Buea, the United Nations Coordinator and resident head of humanitarian affairs, Allegra Baiocchi has insisted on “neutrality” and “impartiality” in the work of such agencies. “….Our single goal is to help the civilians that are caught up in the violence and are in need. We know that there are people who no longer have access to health, school, and working in very poor conditions”.

In a recent tweet, she stated: “Welcoming Cameroon humanitarian coordination centres in Buea and Bamenda. My key message: humanitarian action has to be supported according to humanitarian principles of neutrality and impartiality. Civilians need effective protection and assistance now!” Allegra Baiocchi said.

It should be noted that earlier on, the Minister Paul Atanga Nji who doubles as the General Coordinator of government’s humanitarian plan held a meeting with representatives of humanitarian organizations operating in Anglophone Cameroon. In the course of the meeting, Atanga Nji announced the creation of coordination centres for humanitarian affairs in Buea and Bamenda.

While handing over booklets to the various coordinators containing the new approach, Atanga Nji also urged the organizations providing support and relief to war victims to submit regular reports about their activities on the ground. According to him, some of the organizations have turned the war into a business and are using it to tarnish the image of Cameroon especially internationally. He said for these reasons and others, there is need for checks and balances.

Ambazonia Interim Government calls for the rejection of Humanitarian Assistance from French Cameroon”

The interim government of Ambazonia has called on individuals to reject every form of humanitarian assistance from French Cameroon indicating that the humanitarian aid is aimed at killing the people. “If they can not kill you with a gun, they want to kill you with poisonous food”.

Ambazonia Interim Government Communications Secretary Chris Anu
Ambazonia Interim Government Communications Secretary Chris Anu

Reacting to the humanitarian assistance, the interim government of Ambazonia through its spokesperson Chris Anu said the humanitarian assistance from French Cameroon is a big conspiracy to deceit the international community and to cover up for all the killings the soldiers have carried out in recent days especially in Esu, Nwa, Babangi, Bambili, Santa, Muyuka and other areas.

“Even before sending the aids, they are already taken pictures, videos and beaming them to the world so that the wrath of the international community against their atrocities can be calm.”

“The interim will only support the humanitarian assistance that is delivered by humanitarian groups that we aware of on ground zero. We have no trust for the safety of any food item that is being delivered to individuals by French individuals. The food items could contain poison and NGOs will be held accountable for any poisonous food they distribute on the ground.”

“The NGOs have equally be warned that “any driver seen delivering humanitarian aid anywhere shall meet the consequences and any fon or chief palace, town or community seen hosting the humanitarian trucks from French Cameroon shall face the wrath of the restoration forces”. He added that “the trucks should be intercepted, confiscated and not allowed to enter and poison the people while calling for the arrest of any person seen distributing the gifts.


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