Rwanda:Kagame’s ex-aide seeks bail in court of appeal

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Col Byabagamba following his trial in 2016
Col Byabagamba following his trial in 2016

Former President Paul  Kagame bodyguards’s Commander, Colonel Tom Byagamba has  asked a Kigali based court of appeal  to be released on bail.

Byabagamba who was convicted  in 2016 by High Military Court and sentenced for 21 years of prison, is in the same case with  retired Brigadier General Frank Rusagara and his former driver Sergeant Francois Kabayiza.

Byabagamba was sentenced  for tarnishing  the image of the state, public insurrection, illegal possession of firearms, contempt, and concealing evidence in a criminal case.

Rusagara was sentenced for 20 years in prison after being found guilty of instigating public insurrection and illegal possession of firearms.

Appearing before the court of Appeal in Kigali this Wednesday, the trio asked to be released on bail due to different reasons.

Col Byabagamba said that while in prison, he developed a severe backache which requires him to do body exercise regularly. He said that another reason for bailout is his solitary confinement which contradicts the decision of the military high court.

Frank Rusagara and Kabayiza have also said their lives have deteriorated in prison due to bad conditions and they begged the court to release them to seek better medication away.

 The prosecution objected their request as being against the law that govern penal procedure to ask bail in appeal.

The verdict of the court on the arguments raised will be announced on  May 31, 2019.


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