You have raised high the flag of our country with patriotism, integrity and hardwork-Mutharika in tribute to fallen Malawian Peace Keepers

President Mitharika paying respects to the fallen heroes
President Mitharika paying respects to the fallen heroes

Statement by  President Professor Peter Mutharika Leading the nation in receiving remains of 6 Malawian Soldiers who died in the UN Peacekeeping in the DRC.

This is a painful day for us as a nation. Today, we lost heroes of peace for Africa. This is a painful loss for us as a country.
It is more painful to die for peace than to die for war. They died for peace! May their souls rest in everlasting peace!
Let me thank all peace lovers who stand with us in our time of loss and mourning. We thank the African Union and all countries who sent their words of sympathy from the AU Summit and within.
Let me thank the United Nations for being with us in fighting for peace and in our time of mourning.
On Saturday evening, the Secretary General of the United Nations called and offered his condolences to me, the families and to all Malawians.
In return, I told him that our sacrifice is painful. But I assured him that we will continue fighting for peace. Because fighting for peace is our duty to mankind.
Let me also commend the Malawi Defense Force for being an exemplary peace-keeping force wherever you go. From every part of the world, I receive reports of commendation that our Defense Force is known for discipline, loyalty, and effectiveness.
In life and death, you have raised high the flag of our country with patriotism, integrity and hardwork. That is what we are!
Neither death nor the enemy will stop us from being what we are!
We are warriors for peace! We are ambassadors of peace.
Our heroes of peace died because we love peace more than war. We never sent our soldiers to wage war. We sent our soldiers to keep peace.
Peace is a universal desire for mankind. Peace is a desirable condition of existence for all humans.
Above all, peace is precious, very precious!
Whether we are Christians or Moslems, we all unite in search of peace.
In their greetings Moslems always wish peace to one another:
As-salāmu ʿalaykum – meaning “Peace be upon you”.
The Quran itself encourages us to settle peace where others are fighting (Quran 49 Verse 9).
In Christianity, peace is the last treasure that Jesus left with mankind after he had finished all his work on earth. Upon ascending to heaven, Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.” (John 14 verse 27)
Malawi is a peace-loving country because peace is fundamental belief upon which we are founded as a nation. In fighting for peace, wherever peace is under attack, we join the rest of the world that means well for humanity.
While some declare war on peace. We declare peace in war. When some attack peace, we will fight for peace.
May the Lord God make Malawi an instrument of peace in the world.
As a peace-loving society, let us bring peace where there is war.
And where there is hatred, let us bring love;
Where there is injury, let us bring forgiveness;
Where there is doubt, we bring faith. Where there is despair, we bring hope. Where there is sorrow, we bring solace.
May God bring solace to all grieving hearts today.
May the departed souls who died fighting for peace Rest in Everlasting Peace!
Thank you!

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