Insurgency; Commercial venture for Nigerian political elites – Dr. Kriz David Presidential Candidate

By Olayinka Ajayi

Following the gruesome killings of Nigerian soldiers by suspected insurgent group in Itele North-eastern Nigeria recently,  the Presidential candidate of Liberation Movement (LM) Dr. Kriz David has described the fight against insurgency in Nigeria as a big commercial venture among the nation’s political elite.

In a statement, Dr. David said: “Insecurity in Nigeria is a conspiracy of the political elite and the commercial gains being made by politicians and their cohort in the security institutions. There are verifiable proofs to validate these assertions. It is now very clear to everyone that we have been fed with lies and still been fed with lies. If the account of one of the soldiers to go by, you know that the fight against Boko Haram has been a big commercial venture for these vocational politicians. Despite the several billions of naira that was voted for the purchase of “intelligence and equipment” as they claimed, our military are ill equipped”

If in 2018, Boko Haram can sack a military base, kill a battalion, what then is the fate of civilians? Life has become endangered in Nigeria. As president of Nigeria, I will solve the insecurity challenge within 60 days of assuming office.”

The Liberation Movement presidential candidate further reiterated that the essence of government is the sustenance and enhancement of the quality of lives of citizens. “I have a well proven strategy and model which I will use to achieve this. These vocational politicians created Boko Haram, therefore they can’t solve the problem they created”

While the situation we find ourselves in is a sad one, Nigerians shouldn’t shift focus from the upcoming elections. It is time we stop electing leaders based on political, tribal and religious sentiments but elect leaders on the bases of meritocracy.” Dr. David said.

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