Cameron Bar Association :Tchakounte elected Bar council President, Morfaw Bar GA President

By Boris Esono (Buea-Cameroon)

L-R, Barrister Tchakounte Charles, New Bar President and Barrister Morfaw Evaristus, New Bar GA President
L-R, Barrister Tchakounte Charles, New Bar President and Barrister Morfaw Evaristus, New Bar GA President

Barrister Tchakounte Charles has been elected president of the Cameroon Bar Association. He was appointed this Sunday November 25 by his peers after a stormy general meeting that saw the withdrawal of his predecessor Jackson Ngnie Kamga.

Originally from Nde, Western Region, he was appointed at the end of the Elective General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association that took place in the nation’s economic capital Douala.

During the election, Jackson Ngnie Kamga finished tenth with a total of 758 votes far behind Tchakounte Charles who had 1158 votes.

His victory has raised aspirations as many watch to see his reign especially with the huddles lawyers faced in the past two years in connection to the Cameroon Anglophone crisis.

Days to elections, a lawyer had confided in The Sun Newspaper why they saw him as the best choice. “Barrister Tchakounte should be voted as Batonnier because he is level headed and understands the stakes of the profession taking into consideration that he is a blend of both the Common Law and the Civil Law.

He takes over from Ngnie Kamga-the latter who has been in power for some three years. Barrister Tchakounte who ran with the motto “The protection of the Lawyer and the Balance of Cultures” will serve as president for a period of two years.

General Assembly President Elected

Before the election of the president of the Cameroon Bar Association of Sunday, election to the post of president of the General Assembly took place Saturday November 24. Barrister Evaristus Morfaw was then appointed as president replacing Barrister Nico Halle, who had respected his words by stepping aside after serving just one mandate.

Barrister Morfaw is a lawyer with the Cameroon Bar Association with over 17 years standing. As an expert in human rights and humanitarian actions, Barrister Morfaw enjoys doing cases that touch on human rights violations.

Barrister Morfaw was part of the defense counsel for the case against Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba and others who were arrested at the height of the Anglophone crisis. They latter (Fontem and Balla) spent some seven months in Kondengui until they were released thanks to a presidential pardon.

The new Bar General Assembly Vice president is Barrister Kless Yves Patrice Kouanou. The duos are all Yaounde-based lawyers.

Some 15 members were elected to the Bar council. They include: Tchakoute Charles, Memong Olivier, Atangana Bikouna, Ngo Daniel, Fojou Piere, Mbah Eric Mbah, Mbuyah Fri, Mohamadou Souleymanou, Ebah Ntoko Justice, Soup Sylvain, Nzoh Divine, Batey Suzanne, Akum Michael, Deugoue Raphael and Enow Agbor Benjamin.

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