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Buhari’s refusal to obey court orders,a national embarrassment — Prof. Soyinka

November 20, 2018

As Nwachukwu ‎Adebanjo others insist on restructuring
By Olayinka Ajayi
[caption id="attachment_54137" align="alignleft" width="970"]Wole Soyinka Wole Soyinka[/caption] Renown  Proffesor of Literature. Wole Soyinka has described  President Muhamadu Buhari's non adherence to court orders on the release of former national security adviser Dasuki, and Leader of the Shiite movement El-zazaki as a national embarrassment. 
Speaking yesterday at a program tagged: 'Handshakes across Nigeria theme: Nigeria beyound oil'
Soyinka said:" Forgiveness is a virtue. Although, I have the same temperament with my late friend Tai Sholarin. But It is a national embarrassment that our president has refused to obey laws. Citizens should not be the one to choose the laws to obey. Christan Association of Nigeria CAN went to president Buhari to demand the release of El-Zazaki. If the people say stop the bloodbirth, you have no right to say no.'
 Soyinka who reiterated the need for a restructured Nigeria added: 'Every state must be given the maximum power over their resources. while some people are committed  to growing rice, the governor of Alibum said his commitment is never to see his people being used as househelps across Nigeria'
He (Soyinka) further tasked Nigerian youths to take up the responsibility of leadership. "' I say to young generation, is it not about time to takeover! The youth are substantial to take over the government. it is time to get together among yourselves and choose a representative that will bring about an authentic change not a slogan. As what ‎we are looking at is not just a handshake sacross Nigeria but a hasndshake across history."
In the same vein,‎Rtd. General, Senator Ike Nwachuku ‎stressed on  the need for a united Nigeria .
According to him: "As Nigeria's zero into the 2019 general elections to elect political leaders and representatives for the next dispensation, the preservation of Nigeria's unity in diversity and sovereignty should be paramont. People might differ in their understanding but the corporate existence of Nigeria and it\'s survival is work in progress."
'While some countries. have been able to admirably harness their diversities to their immense advantages, ours threw up mixed results.‎ As we have operated in fits and starts. our ways are uncertain, such that our collective destiny as a people flutters.'
Nwanchukwu however urge the Independent Electoral Commision (INEC) on the responsibility of trust bestowed on them as electortal umpire come 2019. "As we prepare for the general elections, it is pertinent to remind INEC that theirs is a sacred trust. Though a‎ppointed by the government, they are responsible to the people of Nigeria. For the forthcoming elections, INEC must aim at bettering the enviable conduct of the 2015 generals by Prof. Attahiru Jega. I will urge all candidates across boad to embrace peacefully the verdic of Nigerians at the polls as Nigeria is bigger than our political, ethnic, cultural, religious and sectarian differences. Also, we expecting the signing of the 'Article of Faith on Restructuring of Nigeria by Political Parties'.
‎Chieftain of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebasnjo lamented that' It is still pardonable for the one that do not have a certificate but it\'s disturbing that the Vice-president Prof. Yemi Osibajo would say he does not know the meaning of restructuring.

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