Pan-African Tourism Spirit Unites USA And UK- African People To Worship Their Heritage..

By Nevson Mpofu

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority [ZTA] is opening Tourism Sector’s wide path for Economic Recovery and Heritage worship of those Africans in the diaspora. The Tourism Sector is the most functional among Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing Industry. It has over the years been the pinnacle in stepping up the Zimbabwe Economy in terms of its Gross Domestic Product, Growth per Capita, National Growth and Development. In its continued effort it has invited Afro-Americans and Africans based in UK to tour their original roots in Africa.

Under the Leadership of Karikoga Kaseke the Chief Executive of ZTA, the Sector continues to move swiftly in focus of our tradition and culture linked to Tourism for Economic Sustainable Development. Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has gone through success stories. It’s planning, Leading, Organizing and controlling has fortified the Gross Domestic and National Product to better levels of Economic Stability over the recent years despite hardships created by the former Government years back.

It is an African motivational aura to pronounce the connotative meaning of Tourism Development in the country .In its marathon Mission, vision and goal endeavor, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority hook- lured 35 Member Delegation of African American origins and some from United Kingdom to visit the country. This is a positive move to show that Zimbabwe is open for Business.

The main objective of the visit is to showcase the need to re-visit Pan- Africa History, Tradition and culture in a Modernized and dynamic World. Secondly, it is time and séance to get back to the roots of Ancestor- ship. In addition, ZTA Chief Executive Officer says the country is now open for Business unlike how it used to be in the past.

‘’Zimbabwe is now open for Business more than how it used to be. The country is ready to take anyone aboard without favor. We need to embrace the spirit of togetherness, oneness and solidarity to make ourselves how we are. There is no time for our Visitors to feel in-secured. We are in a New Zimbabwe.

‘’Investors in every sector must feel free to visit and have a base-line survey. After their escapades, they are free to come back into the country and do Business peacefully and freely in this Democratic country.

‘’Our visitors shall be in the country for 2 weeks to witness the prevailing peace we have. Zimbabwe is the most recognized peaceful country under new Leadership that is working hard to build better, sustainable Economy for the betterment of all people.

‘’Our esteemed visitors shall start kick the African spirit of the love of their roots by visiting the Victoria Falls , Great Zimbabwe and some of the great monuments and Tourist Attraction areas in the country . This is the beginning of African History made in Zimbabwe to cherish Historical Pan-African values.

Standing on behalf of the Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Priscillah Mupfumira who did not attend the occasion , Douglas Runyowa said the country has the light way forward with the New Government which is ready to transform the Economy .

‘’Zimbabwe is ready to listen, take aboard and abide to International Protocols just like any other country. A New Zimbabwe means New Changes in terms of what we need to take ahead of us. A new Zimbabwe is already functioning well. We are ready to take every corner of the World as we move forward to a Middle Income Country by 2030 ‘’.

‘’Tourism is one of the main sectors of the Economy. We there –fore need to support it. Let us show the spirit of building New Zimbabwe. A new Zimbabwe looks ahead of us. We move forward with the spirit of peace building and economic solidarity and Empowerment of those who are in need of it‘’,

The visiting Social ARCHTECT Ayo Kihathi with that vivacity to see the New Africa as well in floating bounce said Africa is now its  time to re-visit its Traditional and cultural roots . The Pan African serenated woman from America said It is time for Afro-Americans to visit their roots and know where they came.

‘’ The Visit to Zimbabwe has made me revive my roots as an individual. Just imagine 400 years under repression in Slavery. We experienced the pain of Feudalism, Imperialism and colonialism. This is not just a joke. We need to look sideways and find for ourselves where we need to go, what we need to do and the way forward.

‘’This is time for Africa to go back to its roots, revive its culture and Tradition and to visit its original vestiges from where their Ancestors were born, bred and buried. We are the remaining sons and daughters of this Land who need to see a New World of African History and its future light ahead.

‘’Africa is our home for -ever. Together, we build a new Africa living under Liberalism, freedom and Independence of mind. This is another time and opportunity to come up with a new Africa. A New Africa that opens way for us to know where we came as nations’’, said the spirited African vivacious man.

The visiting delegates shall look at issues affecting YOUNG PEOPLE. The discussion is that there is need to remind the young people about our roots, where we came from and what went wrong and the new way forward. Shalo Campbell a visitor who took it with the same spirit to raise the African fire kept burning said young people are the Leaders tomorrow. She reiterated that young people need peace in the peace of mind to grow and develop their continent.

‘’Young people have got lost. We need to embrace our Heritage, Culture, Tradition and Religious values of total respect, unity, peace and social solidarity. Africa has lost its salt and light. If a country has lost its taste, saltiness and savory, its future as well is doomed as we move along as a country.

‘’Africa needs to revive itself as a continent .We need decolonize our- selves. This is only possible through Peace and Unity. However .I feel pity that Africa is still lagging behind. Worse still we are submerging fast into deep waters.’’

Apart from raising Tourism in Zimbabwe, the most important concept is to build a New Africa. Delegates also voiced that there is need for all children of those Afro-Americans and various similar ethnical groups to visit their soil and seed their love on the African soil

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