Kenyans Speak Up: Corrupt legislators cannot elect President

By Samuel Ouma

President Uhuru Kenya speaks at a political rally
President Uhuru Kenya speaks at a political rally

Kenyans have launched scathing attack at leaders seeking to change constitution to give legislators power to elect the President saying the corrupt parliament will reduce the country to debris.

According to opinion poll conducted by, a news agency, on October 16, majority of vowed to go against any proposal seeking to give the Members of Parliament a right to vote for the Head of the State on their behalf.

“I fully support other aspects of the referendum but not giving our greedy Members of Parliament to choose for us the President. Those people are often after their own agenda and serve their selfish ambitions,” one replied.

The indicated that out of 540 Kenyans who reacted to the post, 88 per cent refuted the proposal noting that they will oppose it with all means while 12% lauded the amendments saying it is the only way to curb the presidential vote rigging.

‘Kenyans are more corrupt and tribal. The legislators are a copyright of the Kenyans society because they do not elect themselves,” one of the Facebook users bushed his colleagues for opposing the system of three tier government.

The Parliamentarians have been in the receiving end of criticism for rampant corruption which has rocked the House. On August 9, various leaders and common citizens castigated the legislators for accepting kickback of at least Ksh.10, 000 ($100) to kick out the report on contraband sugar.

“The members were compromised. What happened along the corridors  of Parliament is a shame. I don’t fear anybody. It is sad that some people received as little as Ksh.10, 000 to shoot down the report,” reiterated Matungu legislator Justus Murunga.

In June alarm was raised concerning illegal sugar which was entering the country. According to the analysis carried on samples of 1,400 bags seized by police in different operations by the World Health Organization, the sugar was found harmful to consumers noting that it contained copper, mercury, yeasts and moulds.

“The inorganic salts of mercury are corrosive to the skin, eyes, and gastrointestinal tract, and may induce kidney toxicity if ingested,” WHO stated.

The origin of the sugar is still unknown but is being linked with powerful officials in the government.

Reacting to bribery claims, the opposition leader Raila Odinga lashed out the parliamentarians branding them as the ‘weakest link’ in the ongoing purge against graft. He accused them of derailing the spirited fight on corruption.

“The public currently feel cheated by Parliament, which has become the weakest link in this war, with reports of money changing hands for adoption or rejection of reports. This is a major shame to the nation and deserves urgent and thorough investigations,” he said.


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