Four Key Areas Needed to improve future Zim Elections-EU Observer Mission Report

By Nevson Mpofu

Head of the European Union Election Observer Mission of the 30 July 2018 election in Zimbabwe Elmah Brok presented a final Report on 10 October. This was witnessed in the eyes of and on behalf of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the Government of Zimbabwe, Parliament, Civil Society and other stakeholders.

Addressing a pack gang of Journalists and the above mentioned, Brok said the Report contains 23 recommendations. He pointed out clearly that this is meant to strengthen positive contributions to future Elections in Zimbabwe.

‘’This is meant to improve future elections in the country. There is need to address short-falls as outlined in the Report. These short-falls must be bench-marks for future corrections. By – so doing and abiding to this , elections in the future can be improved transitionally and democratic ‘’.

‘’Recommendations need to be followed and adhered to as spelt out here. The need to have a legal framework is vital. Secondly, the role of Electoral Commissions in all elections must be seen going on prior and post- election period. Thirdly, there is need to stamp out human rights abuses. Lastly, Let us in the future observe political rights of opposition in the country.’’

‘’I urge the flow of Democratic Transition by the Government of Zimbabwe. If this is put in place there is light and that bright future of the respect of the electorate. Zimbabwe could be on the right track as long this is observed by the Government, then delivered to the people ‘’.

Elmah Brok stressed the FOUR KEY AREAS of future focus which are Independence of ZEC . The need to improve level playing field stands not to be ignored at all. Legal Framework and Inclusiveness of the processes which are key in this field must not be ignored. The four, he said have been observed and put on the table by the Observer Mission.

‘’EUEOM suggests in-order to enhance confidence in the process, to strengthen the Independence of ZEC to ensure its effectiveness confidence to the people of Zimbabwe; this must be main future focus. ZEC must develop results management process to enhance verifiability and traceability’’

‘’The need to make Electoral process Inclusive is a point as take-away home. Areas of under-registration of voters need to be established. Multi-Party liaison committees need to be used effectively .This must follow future Democratic change towards a new Government ‘’

‘’Democratic dividends must build better life for all Zimbabweans. This is only through new Democratic direction. The need for Democratic aspirations must not be hidden. This will give Zimbabwe a new Democratic direction and Democratic reforms’’, said Elmah Brok .

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