European Union And International Red Cross Federations Join Zimbabwe in fight against Cholera

By Nevson Mpofu.

More than 3,000 people have been infected with cholera
More than 3,000 people have been infected with cholera

EUROPEAN UNION DELEGATION in Zimbabwe has entered a 3 million EURO Humanitarian Delegation Agreement with the FEDERATION OF THE RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL. This funding is in support of the Federation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund. It was established to support vulnerable people affected by natural and anthropogenic induced disasters.

On its own, adding to Humanitarian Aid capacity to salvage the impact of cholera in Zimbabwe, European Union has donated 90 000 Euro. About 45 people up to date have died from cholera. On the other side 6,400 people are infected and a number of them were diagnosed and discharged at Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare.

The outbreak of cholera was declared on 6 September this year. On 11 September it was declared a State of Emergency.  EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Phillip Vandem said the 3 million Euros in Aid Humanitarian Delegation Agreement between EU and Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent International is meant to bring the health problem to an end. Apart from this, EU has donated 90,000 Euro to save the lives of 6,400 cases of cholera .These are serious victims in need of Humanitarian Aid in the country.

‘’The Agreement EU Delegation to Zimbabwe entered with the Red Cross and Red Crescent is meant to alleviate vulnerability to cholera. Cholera has killed over 45 people. It is also pathetic to note that 6,400 are infected’’.

‘’We will support the EU and Red Cross Life Saving Actions. This is meant to detect cases of cholera which continue to increase in the country. This detection and the lifesaving action strategy is the only one meant to monitor and evaluate the Health challenge’’, said the Ambassador.

According to the European Union, the Humanitarian Aid will benefit 15, 000 people in Budiriro , Glen-View , Glenora , Chitungwiza and Mbare high density suburbs . Red Cross working in collaboration with the EU has set Oral Rehydration points in these high density suburbs.

Speaking in line with this an Official in the program Amos Chitanda said there are almost 120 Red Cross Volunteers, 20 supervisors and 60 Community leaders who have been trained.

‘’We have trained 120 volunteers, 20 supervisors and community leaders .This has been done to contain this disease in the country. The support by EU and Red Cross has gone long in alleviating many challenges related to cholera vulnerability.’’, he said.

A Community leader Hildar Chivero said there are door to door campaigns and monitoring programs in the communities. There is also the activity/ program of soap distribution, water purification, water distribution, tabs, jerry cans and buckets for the simple exercise to go well.

‘’A lot of activities are being funded by donors, civil society, community groups and even the Government. But above all, we thank Red Cross and European Union. They have done a lot to help the affected communities.’’

The named communities victimized by cholera have 100 Hand Washing Stations at Health Centers, Oral Rehydration points and other public places .The support has come from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund by the Red-Cross and Red-Crescent Societies.

The bigger support as well came from the European Union through the Civil Protection and Humanitarian AID Operations Department [ECHO] . This is meant for millions of people in the World who are victims in Humanitarian Need

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