Zimbabwe:Temba Mliswa On Hiv And Aids Campaign To Stamp Down Social Media Allegations..

By Nevsion Mpofu..

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

The good work done by USA PEPFAR ORGANIZATION on HIV and AIDS TESTING CAMPAIGN has prompted prominent Legislator Themba Mliswa to take the facsimile to the general public. Themba Mliswa has vehemently advocated for ‘’Early detection, know your status and act responsibly ‘’ HIV Awareness .The campaign is to be carried out at New Start Centre in Harare. The Public HIV TEST is in response to recent unfounded social media allegations that he is getting in love with young girls at the expense of their Health in terms of HIV and AIDS .

The straight forward speaking Legislator for Norton constituency has been peddled in social media allegations and tattles that he is in the habit of consorting with underage girls. Mliswa denies this with a snarl as he says ,

‘’I categorically deny such frivolous claims with the contempt they deserve. I am aware that I can deny it until I am blue in the face, yet they will be the tattlers that insist otherwise. Such is the depravity of society. I have young daughters. It boggles the mind to think that I could ever fathom to engage in such perverted acts’

‘’My campaign is to lead the people to New Start Center where the exercise will be carried at New Africa House 40 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Harare . It is in the protection of those who may be voiceless but who feel the pain .It is to encourage early detection. It is to urge everyone to know their status. It is also to impress upon everybody to act responsibly ‘’

Social Media, Mliswa says it snaps a bad portrait of its ugly face as he angrily speaks volumes of its careless whispers in the dark of those pictured.

‘’Social media is being abused. This is affecting some other people who are just quiet. Many people become gullible to every word or story told without proof,

‘’This is morally wrong. In these peddled stories, let us separate fact from fiction. Sensationalism does not signify authenticity. We are always to be alert to hinge news to evidence just as court of justice’’, he said .

HIV and AIDS Experts also condemn social media that takes bad, wrong stories to denigrate others. An HIV and AIDS Activist Maud Chirisa of Harare said such acts are immoral. This with the social media creates stigma and discrimination.

‘’Social media creates room for stigma and discrimination in society. Many people end up failing to access Testing, counseling and treatment, this leading to the perpetuity of HIV and AIDS in society ‘’,she said .

A Lawyer by profession Enock Marevo said the laws of the country in relation to social media must be looked at critically because many people are submerged their human rights.

‘’Many people are being submerged their human rights. As a Legal person I feel it bad to leave all the scalding fingers of those who are clean and perfect. Mliswa this is time to act responsibly’’, he shouted.

Currently there are 4 million people estimated living with HIV which progresses to AIDS in Zimbabwe. Around the world there are over 45 to 50 billion people infected. However a big number is not aware of their status. Among these are key populations spreading the virus which if not well managed progresses to AIDS.

Zimbabwe has done many interventions and programs. Secondly there are many policies and strategies put in place to curb the spread of the virus. HIV prevalence and incidence rate has decreased as a result of the interventions and holistic approaches. Guidelines in line with adherence and proper use of

Anti- Retroviral therapy directs people into a life that is HIV FREE.

PEPFAR is working in the country to push on the success of the 95 , 95 , 95 targets  which looks towards complete eradication and total elimination of HIV and AIDS . The targets looks at 95% of people to get tested and know their status , 95% to get in Anti-Retrovirals and 95% suppression of the viral .

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