Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Opens New Revenue Business Through Telecommunications Industry Partnerships.

By Nevson Mpofu..

Faith Mazani
Faith Mazani

ZIMBABWE REVENUE AUTHORITY hails the spirit of a new Zimbabwe through partnerships.  The Revenue collection organization boasting of its motto , ‘’my taxes , my duties , building a new Zimbabwe strengthened its partnerships for a new Zimbabwe open for Business through collaboration with partners to make Administration easy in the vibrant organization .

Speaking in Harare at a Telecommunications Industry and ZIMRA REVENUE ASSURANCE AND SPECIAL PROJECTS DIVISION breakfast meeting, ZIMRA Commissioner General- Faith Mazani said these partnerships are a way forward in bringing sustainable revenue in the country. She pointed out that the new Zimbabwe open for business has weaved new strategies to fatten co-operative compliance with best practices to foster way-forward new developments to build up on a new Zimbabwe.

‘’A new Zimbabwe’s dawn here comes with a New ZIMRA with partnerships meant to strengthen relationships with the organization.

‘’These partnerships will make Administration become easier as we move forward in open business flowing in a transparent and accountable manner.

‘’My taxes, my duties, building my Zimbabwe is our path to sustainable revenue in the country. Let us follow suit that Zimbabwe is open for business, also ZIMRA is open for partnerships with the Telecommunications Industry.

The Commissioner General added that the organization is in the alacrity to review tax systems, change laws and policies. In its new spirit of commitment to economic development, she highlighted that the Revenue organization is ready to fight corruption which she said is the stagnant that impedes on development in any given economy.

‘’This will be shown by our effort in reviewing taxes in the country. This we will do for the need to bring new sustainable revenue that will benefit the country.

‘’To make this see the light of the day we need to campaign against corruption which in any given economy is a stagnant that impedes economic development.

‘’That is what we mean by saying a new Zimbabwe, a new ZIMRA. However, let us sing of changing Laws and policies so that we remain moving on with the pace of nation building.

She further elaborated that there is need to expand the tax base in the country. This, she added is ZIMRA’s goal for sustainable development. She urged the Business world to continue paying tax to foster economic development.

‘’Expanding our tax base is a strategy for the benefit of the country. However, I urge companies to continue paying tax.

‘’Companies in their effort to continue paying tax builds on a new Zimbabwe. This is a new Zimbabwe buttressed by our better tax administration. Zimbabwe will be a middle income by 2030. We shall end there as a country. What we need to have as a new spirit is our commitment as we move forward as a new Zimbabwe’’, she concluded.



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