Peace is the guarantor economic growth and development: President Geingob

By Andreas Thomas

Namibian President Hage Geingob . Lucas Jackson/Reuters file photo
Namibian President Hage Geingob . Lucas Jackson/Reuters file photo

Windhoek – For Africa and, the rest of the developing world, peace is the main foundation and guarantor for sustainable economic growth and development, says Namibian president Dr. Hage Geingob observed in his address to the to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday.

“As leaders, together with the citizenry of the great African continent, we need to understand that it is our collective responsibility to maintain peace in order to enable Africa to unlock its full potential. Every step that advances a peaceful Africa should be welcomed,” President Geingob said.

In that vein, the Namibian leader commends Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and his Eritrean counterpart, President Isaias Afwerki for signing an agreement to end the war between their two countries and the subsequent resumption of diplomatic and trade ties.

Geingob said he is confident that “the spirit of unity, peace and security, as embodied in the AU Agenda 2063, would be transplanted throughout the Horn of Africa and all parts afflicted by conflict in Africa”.

He said Namibia is one of the beneficiaries of international solidarity during its darkest days of struggle for liberation against the former Aparheid colonial regime. Therefore – Geingob calls in the international community to extend the same gesture to the people of Palestine and Western Sahara.

“Namibia is a child of international solidarity, midwifed by the UN. We relied on the solidarity of the nations of the world to support us in our quest to achieve our self-determination. Therefore, we call on the implementation of the UN resolutions and decisions, which will lead to a positive, peaceful and permanent solution that meets the aspirations and will of the people of Western Sahara. In the same vein, we reaffirm our support for the people of the Occupied Territory of Palestine, in their pursuit of self-determination, justice, freedom and independence,” he said..

“It is in this spirit of profound kinship we share with the Cuban people that we renew our call for the lifting of the decades old, outdated, ineffective and counterproductive economic and financial embargo of Cuba.

“The time is now, for all of us, to demonstrate the leadership required to bring prosperity and peace to the entire world’s people. It is time to lead in the spirit of peace, in the spirit of equality and in the spirit of sustainability. It is time to make the United Nations relevant to all the world’s people. Let us seize this unique moment in history,” said the Namibian leader.

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