Mnangagwa And New Cabinet Gnash Teeth As Zimbabwe Faces Cholera ‘’Pandemic’’.

By Nevson Mpofu

The cholera outbreak has been a rude awakening for Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo
The cholera outbreak has been a rude awakening for Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo

President Mnangagwa and The newly elected cabinet have been left bare mind trodden, perplexed and without solutions to the chronic health challenge of cholera. A few days ago Mnangagwa urged the nation to practice hygiene, words of Health he has before never uttered.

This comes at a time, 25 people have died with 3 047 new cases diagnosed. With confound news, 1st Line Anti-Biotic drugs have resisted treatment according to World Health Organization Report. This has caused the disaster to be declared an emergency.

In another shameful move Minister of Finance and Economic Development  Muthuli  Ncube is currently begging money from the public through twitter . This move has been vehemently condemned by the Zimbabwe people who are as well tax-payers. People now are really certain that these people who always sing politics are mind boggled.

In his few words to the nation, Mnangagwa urged the nation to remain hygienic. Secondly, he said he is praying for the country to remain, calm, in peace and health as many issues of thorny tragedy hit the Southern African country in economic doldrums.

‘’We need to exercise hygiene during this time. We are really in problems as a nation. I pray, this may come to an end’’.

Dr Obediah Moyo the Minister of Heath and Child Care is face puzzled and mind muddled. He seems to have no solutions to address this .The emergency has been declared in the city of Harare where mountains of dirty garbage used to’’ flood’’ pollution in air, in water and on land.

Harare residents have lived for couple of years without water. If any is there, it is dirty and unsafe to drink. Local Governance has failed because Leaders spend more time dilly dallying on political issues which increase poverty. The Government of Zimbabwe last talked seriously about this in 2008 when the Health challenge was serious. In 2008, about 4 200 people died. A big number was diagnosed, treated and discharged.

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