Harare to host marimba festival

By Wallace Mawire

Tambarimba marimba festival is to be hosted in Harare on 22 September, 2018, according to Don Chidavaenzi, organiser. Chidavaenzi said that Tambarimba arts shall be hosting the annual marimba music festival on 22 September 2018 at the Long Chen Plaza in Harare .

He added that the aim of the festival is to promote and protect Zimbabwe’s culture through marimba music, to create a platform for artistically talented students to showcase their talent and to complement the education curriculum that is focusing on skills development.

“We are expecting over 30 groups .Each group will perform a set piece and also another own choice. We aim to ensure that marimba music is recognised and appreciated as it is our own traditional music so we appeal to all stakeholders including schools, government,private sector and media to play a role in promoting our culture throughmarimba music,” Chidavaenzi said.

He added that their vision as Tambarimba Arts is to grow the event into an internationally recognised event attracting foreign participants. He also said that there are prizes that include trophies, cash, hampers, just to mention a few.

The Tambarimba Festival has created opportunities for various schools who have participated in the International Marimba Festival in South Africa.

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