United Nations Commitments Helped Zimbabwe In Its 2018 Elections.

By Nevson Mpofu

UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM [UNDP] for 2018 elections stood mainly to focus on three pillars in fortifying Zimbabwe’s general 2018 elections. The three [3] are on the support of the Bio-Metric Voter Registration, Education to voters and Technical Capacity.

In an exclusive interview with  Pan African Visions , Sirak Gebrehiwot Head of Communications of the United Nations in the country , said the three main pillars are vital in strengthening financial support of which without , such kind of elections are an up-hill ride to conduct and manage .

‘’We worked on these three main pillars to lift up the election process which needs adequate funding. We have given support to other programs in line with development but however there are some that are outstanding in terms of financial and technical support.

‘’That is  the reason why we have raised our head as the UNITED NATIONS to show our moral support. This is done to make the World see the light in terms of social, economic change ‘’.

‘’As UNITED NATIONS, we want Humanitarian assistance to relieve poverty and vulnerability. Countries of the World are seeing the light of change in areas of Education, Health, and Economic development in all sectors. Though we have this support at large , we thank other countries and organizations like Japan , EU and those in the country that have done perfect job to raise the standards of living of the general population ‘’

The idea on the pillars was vitiated in 2015 and the final planning of it was 2016 to 2020 .This is a five [5] year program meant to give full support to the Government of Zimbabwe in its management and running of elections. The support has received positive comments and yielded fruits which entered an era of elections which have been held freely and fairly.

‘’There are positive developments in many areas looking at the smooth flow of the work of the Government in managing electoral issues. The five year program will surely bring change in terms of social and economic development. We are not to impose but to foster change in Humanitarian issues. We are not in favor of one political party at the expense of others, no,’’ we want to see humanitarian change for social and economic development so as to win on Sustainable Development Goals in the country.

The other area which UNDP looked at is of media monitoring. This has gone well with final work done on the ground by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] . Other organizations played pivotal roles in media monitoring. However the eye of co-ordination of the International organization UNDP which was at the acme of the whole work is the one that grips the whole idea of promoting sustainable development. .

‘’Media monitoring is one such area of critical concern. For sure we have done it with success. It is also important to impart knowledge through capacity building in those who hold the pen mightier than the sword .A lot of media Practitioners received training on the election reporting and in other disciplines, he concluded.

UNDP worked as well with Japan which contributed 1 million dollars .Zimbabwe made efforts though under difficulties it forked 24 million towards the success of these elections. The Zimbabwe Election Commission project poured in 20 million. The other contribution was done by the European Union which poured in 6 to 8,7 million towards these elections .

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