Renewable Energy Is The Biggest Concern For Women As Women Organisation [Zwrcn] Goes Regional For Energy Integration..

By Nevson Mpofu

Dorothy Hove

In a multilateral move to push forward gender equality , equity and create space for Women in Sustainable Development to foster the spirit of Energy for ALL , a Humanitarian organization for Women empowerment ZWRCN [Zimbabwe Women Resource Centre and Network is participating in a joint initiative .

The initiative is for multi-concerted effort to push for the Green and Inclusive Energy agenda in Zimbabwe and Malawi. The need for Universal access of energy to all communities is the gleaming vision and the goal of the organization. The positive expectation is to eradicate poverty especially in women and children in Developing countries. .

Dorothy Hove the program Director representing ZWRCN said the program is a unison between the two countries that will see Regional Integration and social cohesion meant to benefit citizens in terms of Renewable Energy which is safe, clean and sufficient.

‘’Its all about Renewable Energy Universal access to  citizens. However we ensure that Gender is mainstreamed in all aspects as related to full implementation of this program.

‘’Women play a crucial role in caring for children , caring for the whole family in terms of domestic work , food security and Nutrition management in logistical planning , leading , organizing and controlling of the family .

ZWRCN is the sole and core Managing office of the Gender and Energy network which is under the Green and Inclusive Energy partnership .However they have a goal by the end of the day , that is to promote Green Energy .

‘’The kick start has already beard fruits of success. We are towards full capacity of Green Inclusive Energy for everyone. We leave no stone unturned. We do it fairly for all citizens .Being a Women Organization is just to stand to balance men and women and take children aboard.

‘’Let us close gaps of inequality in Energy. Over the past years like you know, women have been submerged under PATRIARCHY because of culture and tradition. However, this is time to balance all the systems’’.

Marylin Mucherera added her special focus input by bringing in the idea of capacity building, skills impartation and development. She reiterated that the success in all we need to see successful is to make women be part of ,

‘’They occupy a large space in economic development. They are the keepers of children at home. The fact that they are 52% of the population tells that they must take the balance of the gender story towards Energy development,’

‘’It is therefore imperative to train and empower women , youth and children and give them skills through workshops , training , awareness and participation . At length, participation, engagement and involvement of those excluded sounds interesting to the definition of development. Therefore Inclusivity will be part of this program as well’’, she said.

ACTION 24 DIRECTOR Archibald Chemhere said he GENDER AND ENERGY NETWORK ZIMBABWE is the strength of the civil society meant for all citizens’ participation.  He however said Multi-Sectorial approach is key to the development of access to Renewable access for all citizens.

‘’The multi-sectorial approach includes all stakeholders to play their role and compete to come up with competitive results for tangible development. This will improve Gender and Energy access.

‘’The need to bridge the gap between the energy related policy frameworks and its implementation is always important in ENERGY                Economic development’’.

Zimbabwe like some other developing countries of the world is still behind in terms Renewable Energy since only 40% of the population has access to Renewable Energy. A change in Energy development in the country will bring change to improve the lives of communities that need to be livable and sustainable.

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