Raila ally denies link with Zimbambwe chaos

By Samuel Ouma

Silas Jakakimba
Silas Jakakimba

Former Opposition leader’s political aide Silas Jakakimba has rebuffed the claims that he was behind poll violence that rocked Zimbambwe on August 1 that claimed six lives.

On Sunday, police in Harare appealed to Zimbambwe citizens to report any information about whereabouts of Jakakimba should he be seen in the country. He is alleged to have conspired with the country’s opposition leader Nelson, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, to instigate chaos ahead of release of elections polls results.

Supporters of Chamisa took to the streets protesting against sham elections. The irate youths tried to gain an entrance to where the Zimbambwe Electoral Commission was counting votes in a bid to paralyze the exercise but were dispersed by police. The rowdy youths then proceeded to Harare Central Business District where they halted activities in the busy town and destroyed property of unknown value. It took the intervention of the military to restore peace.

“Members of the public with information of his whereabouts should contact CID Law and order on telephone number 0242251505 or National Complaints Desk on telephone number 0242703631 or any nearest police station,” read statement by Charity Charamba, police chief spokesperson.

Silas pictured here with MDC's Nelson Chamisa says he left Zimbabwe before the eruption of violence
Silas pictured here with MDC’s Nelson Chamisa says he left Zimbabwe before the eruption of violence

In rejoinder to the reports of his arrest, Jakakimba denied being a strategist of MDC alliance and its presidential candidate. He said he left Zimbambwe on Tuesday for Nairobi before chaos erupted.

“When I left Harare, things were normal, folks warm and welcoming, streets busy and skies clear-blue,” said Jakakimba.

ZANU-PF candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared a winner in July 30, 2018 presidential elections, results the opposition protested citing massive irregularities.

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