President Buhari’s 2019 rerun is a done deal – Eneduwa George Delta APC Chieftain

By Olayinka Ajayi
Austine Eneduwa-George
Austine Eneduwa-George

Austine Eneduwa-George is member of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressive Congress APC in Delta state, in this interview with PAV, he ‎bares his mind the rancour bewitching the ruling part and how the emergence of Adams Oshomole as the new party chairman brings about  fresh air in the party. excerpt:

Do you see the emergence of the new APC Chairman Adam Oshomole  resolving the disparity currently affecting the party?
His emergence is a breath of fresh air, as you may want to know that Oyegun’s tenure was Ladden with controversies and anarchy within the party.  His shoddy handling of party issues across the states gave birth to all these rancour’s in the party today to the extent that party chieftains at a time were demanding for his resignation. Oshiomole on the other hand is more experienced having been national president of the labour union and served full eight years tern as a governor. He’s bringing his wealth of experience to bare on the party moreso, being an astute democrat. 
Delta State APC has been in disarray before Oshomole emerge, what has been the state of APC now in Delta?
APC is waxing stronger by the day in Delta state. With the influx of new,strong and experienced members joining the party.  The likes of PDP former vice chairman Him Cairo Ojuigbo, Ogboru et al. The last local govt elections was a good indicator of APC’s strength and growth in the state not minding the shenanigans that has been the issue with state electoral commissions as APC won in almost all the pollution units
With the develop and demand of R-APC do you foresee any tangible impact made by Oshomole before 2019 election?
Oh yes. I see him making a lot of impacts as he has started on a good note. I believe also that he has what it takes to whip erring members especially those who act like they own the party.  You can see someone like Ngige, when members have complained that it has taken almost three years for board appointments to be done, yet someone can wait for months unending to inaugurate a board especially one where the like of comrade Frank Kokori who’s an elder of the party from Delta central was to be a board chair and is still waiting at the mercy of the minister.  This is no way to treat a party elder nor a good way to appreciate the support given by him to the party from inception. So comrade Oshiomole is taking the bull by the horn by reading a riot act which is something we haven’t seen in recent times
With the laudable projects embarked by governor Okowa in Delta, and the rifts in Delta APC do you foresee the APC unseating the silent but performing PDP? 
I don’t know what your definition of performance is.  Okowa and PDP has taken Delta state back 10yrs. The noise of performance of PDP in Delta state is only on the pages of newspapers. Infrastructure is abysmal, workers are owed over 10months salaries, Asaba the capital city cannot boast of any good road how much more other parts of the state. Asaba is a no go area when it rains.  Abandoned projects from uduaghan era litters the state, the Asaba/Ozoro dual carriageway state by the immediate past governor is still living fallow after billions have been earmarked for it and the danger the abandoned road portends to motorists can only be imagined.  Deltans have made up their minds to uproot PDP from the state come 2019 as they have seen the difference in the developments in neighbouring states of Anambra and Edo which are not PDP governed
With the disunity in APC do you see president Buhari emerging in 2019?
There’s no disunity perse in APC. What we have is a bunch of disgruntled and self seeking prostitute of politicians who have lost relevance in their states and thinking they can just cause havoc with the hope of cutting a deal therein. Buhari on his own is a force. Mind you, Buhari formed the CPC barely a few months to the 2011 elections and he won in 18 states with over 12 million votes with no Senate nor house of representatives seat. Buhari’s return is a done deal as this is not even about party but individual
What do you make of the massive defection of APC Senators to the PDP?


The defections has no effect on the growth of the party.  The defectors are basically politicians who has lost relevance in their Various constituencies and are certain to fail at the primaries. These are people who rode on Buhari’s back and name to get to where they are.  On a good day, how can someone like Adeyemi Smart lose to Dino in kogi state? Some have served two terms already and it’s time for the seat to move to another zone in their constituencies but for greed to sit tight and hoping the party will guarantee them to let’s which is not the case. PDP on the other hand is luring them with guaranteed tickets at the detriment of those who has been working for the party when these people left for APC. That is another problem for the PDP when that time comes. Most of this people have been in govt before 1999 and have refused to leave the stage for fresh ideas.  Grenade should be over 80 yrs old.  What is he looking for another ticket to do? Shaba Lafiaji has been a governor years ago, Abdulazeez Nyako only rode on his father’s back to the Senate seat and now the father doesn’t command that power anymore as the current governor has checkmated him. Basically, most of them don’t have any political relevance anymore hence this charade.  Note down their names and check again in 2019 if you’ll see them.  It’s good riddance to bad rubbish
What do such move portray come 2019 election for the APC?
It has no effect on the party or the next election as APC will retain power and will win more states.  PDP is a dead party.  If these people have true relevance, I dare them to form a party and be the presidential candidate like Buhari did with CPC. Rather than Atiku junketing back and forth parties, he should form a party and let’s see how many votes he can get, Saraki and Co should do the same rather than making noise about political weights that exists only in their minds.  They should put money where their mouth is rather than looking for ready made structures to harvest‎.

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