Mnangagwa And Zec Chew The Bolt And Bone As Advocate Mpofu Takes Chamisa Case To Con-Court..

By Nevson Mpofu

Lawyer Doug Coltart with Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa's spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda arrive to file opposing papers at the constitutional court in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 10, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo
Lawyer Doug Coltart with Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda arrive to file opposing papers at the constitutional court in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 10, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

Presidential Business of inauguration and the fact that the country has a Head of State  is likely to be a non-starting case to take for political reality so far in Zimbabwe . This comes with nasty events taken up at the response of Mnangagwa , ZANU PF and ZEC who  stand accused  by opposition challenger Nelson Chamisa of conniving in trio to rig the just ended elections .

Nelson Chamisa’s Lawyers Thabani Mpofu , Chris Mhike and Doug Coltart are standing on a one leg swear that they will push their client’s case to the red bone marrow . Secondly, they shall let cats out of the bags related to rigging that took place in the just ended elections.

Addressing a press of sundry journalists in the capital city of Harare , Thabani Mpofu said they have already sent mountains of voluminous documents to the CON-COURT to  advocate freely for the Opposition , MDC Alliance which they allege had votes which were stolen by ZANU PF and ZEC .

‘’We halted preparations which were already under way to inaugurate Emmerson Mnangagwa as the President elect of the country.

‘’ We took the Court challenge already .We did this very few minutes before deadline at exactly 3.45 pm . The deadline was at 4pm . We have our push to see its line of success. We have multi-faced evidence that , the election was rigged by ZANU PF , ZEC and Mnangagwa .

‘’We need a Re-Run or else Chamisa to be declared as the new President elect . Without that, we  declare everything null and void .

‘’For sure we are going to win the case no-matter under what circumstances because we have pure evidence on the ground . We are not to be intimidated in respect to this ..We shall stand for the millions of the people whom we want to be free in their life time .

Asked by Journalists how much evidence he had , Mpofu elucidated that there was much evidence to prove beyond doubt that the just ended election was rigged .

‘’There are outstanding mathematical statistics to prove this beyond doubt . The nation , believe me or not , we are going to unravel the whole corrupt made thing that has stopped the inauguration .

‘’In fact , we are going to overturn ZANU PF victory which we do not even want to hear of . We worked on uncontested evidence which we have . We just need 14 days for the con-court to take this in its chew , then after we head push on to see to it that our demands are met without any challenge at all .

Thabani Mpofu reiterated that there are a number of respondents to this who they need to give out information related to the election results in favor of ZANU PF .

‘’There are 25 [twenty-five] respondents.  Priscillah Chigumba is among them .We are going to pursue this till we are not done but completed with the whole story  ,he said frankly .

Earlier on before the elections , Nelson Chamisa had said that their Party had Anti-Rigging mechanisms which would get rid of all the dirty tricks played by ZANU PF .

‘’As MDC Alliance we came up with all the rigging tactics and strategies which overshadow other political parties in the country. We are going to leave all stones turned out .

Addressing Journalists in the capital city in Harare, he pointed also out that it was time for the country to see change and that is the change they are up to

‘’This is the change just close as we move towards the elections set for 30 July . We already won it . If its not like that , we know there is something that might have gone wrong . For sure we would sit down and think over it ,speak out and take action , he said this a week before the just ended elections at a media briefing in the city of Harare .

The VERITAS in its decision according to Advocate Thabani Mpofu is that the MDC Alliance has to invalidate the results of the just ended elections. MDC Alliance must take the win and be declared the Winner or else a run-off or recount.

Contacted for comment, MDC Spoke-Person, Jacob Mafume said the Party President Nelson Chamisa is just in the hands of his lawyers who are tightly working it out to clear everything out without no stone unturned.

‘’Yes. We have every reason to declare us a winner or else we go for a run-off or re-count .At the moment, all is at stand still. However we shall up-date with more information as we move towards new outcomes, he said.

At the time of going to press , several attempts had been made to get in touch with ZANU PF respondents for their side of the story . Upon realizing that there were wanted for their comment related to the case they switched off their cell-phones.



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