International election observation missions to Zimbabwe’s harmonised elections condemn post-election violence in Zimbabwe

By Wallace Mawire

Hailemariam Desalegn  headed the AU election observer mission to Ethiopia
Hailemariam Desalegn
headed the AU election observer mission to Ethiopia

 The International Election Observer Missions present for the 30 July Harmonised Elections in Zimbabwe have said that  while appreciating the generally peaceful and orderly pre-electoral environment and on the  voting day, express their grave concern about the regrettable outbreaks of post-election violence.

 “At the outset, we extend our sympathies to the families and loved ones of those affected by these troubling incidents” the missions said.
  It added that while recognising the right to peaceful protest, they condemn vandalism and destruction of property and call on political party supporters to abide by the law.
 “We denounce the excessive use of force to quell protests and urge the police and army to exercise restraint,” the missions added.
The missions also urged the  Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), to release the full and detailed results expeditiously, in a transparent and accountable manner saying that the  election presents an opportunity for Zimbabwe to break the cycle of electoral contentions and post-election violence.
 “We call on the leadership of all political parties and their supporters, in particular the two main parties, ZANU-PF and the MDC Alliance, civil society, faith based organisations, and all other stakeholders to safeguard the integrity of the political and electoral process” they added.
Also  all stakeholders and citizens have been urged to pursue grievances peacefully and through the established legal channels.
“We encourage political leaders to show magnanimity in victory and graciousness in defeat,” the missions said .
  The missions said, on 30 July, the people of Zimbabwe went to vote in high numbers, aspiring for a new beginning. They added that they stood  in solidarity with them as they look up to their leaders, and all stakeholders to complete the process peacefully and credibly, and to ensure their votes truly count.


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