‘’Power Handing Over By Zanu Pf To Mdc Alliance If It Wins Is A Mountain To Climb’’ -Thabani Mpofu , Mdc Alliance Advisor .

By Nevson Mpofu.

It is a two horse race between President Mnangagwa of ZANU PF and Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance
It is a two horse race between President Mnangagwa of ZANU PF and Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance

Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] is repeatedly fuming over the issue of unfair and credible elections with  only  2 days to go. A lot of issues were left behind and it seemed there was  a deal between ZANU PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

MDC Alliance has however crafted a frame work meant to put in place power transition following procedures and sections of the country’s laws as enshrined in the country’s constitution .The Transitional Framework is meant to spell straight forward what really needs to be done if a political party wins elections and it is blocked to power transfer .

Movement for Democratic Change has worked on the Framework with its Advisor Thabani Mpofu a Legal Practitioner who lamented that MDC had put across a linear pattern of Framework for Transitional transfer of power in line with the Laws of the country.

‘’The peaceful process is in line with the country‘s Laws .It is a peaceful process that will move towards transition of power fairly in the country ‘’ .

‘’There are Legal brains behind this. We are using the power of the Law at the same time time doing it peacefully without any disturbances and violence.

‘’The Legal brains have worked on a framework based on a Matrix that paves way for hand  -over of power from ZANU PF to MDC ,” he said.

Nelson Chamisa’s calls for peace in the country calls as well for transparency by ZEC to manage well , fairly and credibly the process of elections .Addressing thousands of people in Chitungwiza on Thursday , Nelson Chamisa said MDC Alliance was already a pass through the climb of chain of mountains to win the elections . However, he bemoaned lack of transparency and credibility with ZEC which he said has  since time out of denied talks ignored MDC Alliance calls for free  , credible and  transparent   elections.

’’’We have been talking about reforms and credibility through the work of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, alas nothing came out.

‘’We were not responded , but still we have eyes watching , seeing , ears hearing and for sure we have been heard by John Mahama  former President of Ghana here in Zimbabwe under Commonwealth . Besides the AU , EUEOM and SADC have taken heed .

Nelson Chamisa earlier on contacted SADC Chairman Cyrill Ramaphosa of South Africa. He also pointed out that besides Regional organizations, some countries concerned with Democracy are watching as this goes on .

Douglas Mwonzora also reiterated heavily at a discussion in Harare that the party will take action if they win and they are not handed power by ZANU PF .Further on he stated that , it is common and now a culture that MDC wins but it is not given power to rule .

‘’The truth is , we are not given power but an announcement that we have won the elections . It is pathetic to note that after our win we are not handed the power.

‘’However, this time we are are going to spend vigil nights until the World comes to Zimbabwe, he concluded in seething anger  .

Asked what they wopuld dso if ZANU PF is announced the winner by the end of the day , Mwonzora said still they will track out on the transparency of the results .


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