Kenya:Police officer lynched for killing a motorcycle rider

By Samuel Ouma

Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.
Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

Police in Kenya have launched investigation into the killing of their colleague in the Western part of the country on Tuesday evening.

Paul Kerich is alleged to have been lynched by the angry mob after he shot a motorcycle rider multiple times after the two had a heated argument.  The killings were preceded by heavy protests against poor state of roads.

The irate motorcycle riders took to the street to demand the refurbishment of roads by their leaders. They planted bananas in the potholes paralyzing transportation for some hours.

The area police boss Stephen Mwoni condemned the incident and shifted blames on leaders for inciting the locals. He said the man was accidentally shot by the police officer when he was dispersing the demonstrators.

“Political leaders should be neutral in all situations. It is wrong for them to incite members of the public against the police,” Mr.Stephen Mwoni complained.

He accused the motorcycle operators for taking law into their own hands instead of lodging complaint with the relevant authorities. He added that the riders’ demonstration was against the law.

However, the riders’ chairperson Kennedy Abesi  rubbished the claims by the area police boss that his colleague was killed accidentally. Abesi noted the attack happened long after they had called off their planned protest after one of the area leader intervened.

He said the police officer was collecting bribes from illicit brewers when he came in contact with the slain rider who questioned his conduct.

“It is at that point that he asked the police officer to stop harassing residents an in reply, the officer fired bullets into him, killing him instantly,” said Mr. Abesi.

The irate retaliated by descending on the officer with crude weapons, kicks and blows killing him on the sport. The slain rider’s friend was also shot by the officer twice and he is recuperating at Tongaren Health Centre.

The area Governor Wycliffe Wangamati condemned the security officers for using brutal force against unarmed citizen. He added that every person has a right to live and freedom of expression.

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