Kenya:Flood Victims Languishing In Severe Hunger

By Samuel Ouma

Aid workers have appealed to Kenyan Government to provide funds and support to flood victims in all parts of the country.

Kenya was hit by two months of heavy rains that submerged crops and wash away homes. About 300,000 people were displaced and at least 186 lost their lives. Even though rains have reduced, majority of them are stuck in the camps with no means of survival.

The worst victims are from the coastal region of the country because all their homes and crops were destroyed and they are yet to receive any kind of support from either County or Central Government.

“The majority of people displaced in Tana River are still in the camps as they have not received any information from authorities on whether it is safe to return or not,” noted Mathew Cousins, humanitarian director for Oxfam Kenya.

According to secretary of the Tana River County Government Salim Bagana, Dhadho Godhana’s government pledged sh.700 million ($70 million) to help survivors rebuild their homes livelihoods but there have been delays in releasing of funds by the Central Government.

“There were some delays but now the money is coming and the people should be going home. We will help them restart their lives and we ask our humanitarian partners to also help,” said Mr.Sagana.

The survivors are going through hard moment without food in the camps. Charity organizations have tried to feed them, however, they have limited resources. After last year’s drought which devastated crops, killed both people and livestock, the East African County was hit hard by the incessant rain which has slowed economy.

Cases of Cholera outbreak have also been reported due to lack of clean water and poor sanitation. Over 1000 people have been hospitalized as a result of the deadly disease.

“People need food. They do not have enough to eat. We are registering many people in the camps and many children, women and elderly are looking weak and malnourished,” reiterated Ahmed Ibrahim, head of the Charity Arid Lands Development Focus.

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