Ghana extols Departing Ambassadors

By Papisdaff Abdullah

Ghana’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, has registered Ghana’s appreciation to four outgoing Ambassadors and one High Commissioner for their “labour of love” in Ghana during their tour of duty in that country.

The Outgoing Ambassadors

The outgoing Ambassadors are Her Excellency Justice (Red) Umu Hawa Tejan Hallow, High Commissioner of the Republic of Sierra Leone; United States’ outgoing Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson; outgoing Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Mehl; Mrs Pavelyn Tenadi Musaka, outgoing Zimbabwe Ambassador to Ghana & outgoing Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Babikir Elsiddig Mohammed Elamin outgoing Sudanese Ambassador to Ghana.

Speaking at the turn of a farewell luncheon in honour of the five outgoing Diplomats the Foreign Affairs Minister said the Ambassadors and High Commissioner who have served for various years in Ghana have certainly influenced Ghana’s diplomacy and they will be greatly missed.


Recalling the contribution of the outgoing Zimbabwean Ambassador to Ghana, Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey said, “Ambassador Tends Masala served as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, where she exhibited strong leadership qualities and contributed meaningfully to the growth and success of bilateral relations of Ghana as well as in galvanizing the diplomatic community in Ghana”.


The Foreign Affairs Minister said under Ambassador Mohammed Elamin, relations between Ghana and Sudan have been greatly fostered through the hard work of the ambassadors. She added that the Ambassador has been instrumental in exploring new ways of cooperation between Ghana and Sudan in areas such as culture, Tourism, Trade and Education.


During the stay of Ambassador Ami Mehl, the cordial bilateral relations between Ghana and Israel have been evidenced through various high level visits to the State of Israel by the Speaker of Parliament, Ministers of Environment, Agriculture and Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Minister noted. These visits, according to the Minister, undoubtedly enhanced and sustained Ghana’s partnership with Israel in various fields.

United States

The Foreign Affairs Minister commended Ambassador Robert Jackson for his meritorious service and his interest in forging closer bilateral cooperation between Ghana and the US during his tour of duty.

Sierra Leone

During her tenure, Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey said Ghana-Sierra Leone relations experienced rejuvenation and achieved a considerable level of progress. The Minister congratulated all five Ambassadors and wished them well as they moved on to new challenges in their diplomatic careers.

Response by the Ambassadors

The outgoing Ambassadors took turns to respond to the statement of the Foreign Minister. They all said they have had great experiences in Ghana which they will keep as fond memories of Ghana forever. Outgoing Zimbabwe Ambassador to Ghana & out going Dean of the Diplomatic Corps handed over the role of Dean of the Diplomatic corps S.E. M. Bernard EhuiI-Koutoua, Ivory Coast Ambassador to Ghana.

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