Africa Urged To Invest In Education Through Partnerships With Banks.

By Nevson Mpofu


ZB Bank has launched , the Partnership for ZymPay at its Head office in the  City of Harare .This enables Security of payments to Zimbabweans in the diaspora who wish to pay school fees for their children and relatives back home .

The brand commercial package of financial security for everyone is the first of its unique kind . According to the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Mutandagayi , this is the beginning of a great relationship which will create value for schools , universities  and colleges banking with ZB Bank .

‘’We have created an everlasting relationship which will call a new  beginning to create value for schools , universities and colleges  , home and abroad .

‘’This enables peace of mind from security of payments to school paying fees Zimbabweans as they are abroad and back home in their country .’’

The ZymPAY partnership with ZB Bank opens way and direction of a Bank that has led over years. This could be a lead in bringing business to the country which is opening up business to Investors. ZymPAY is an organization that is in the business of facilitating remittances from one country to another.

ZimPAY offers a platform that will aid individuals living in the diaspora to pay for basic services which are for daily consumption, vital and of daily use back home. In his address to a pack of Journalists , ZB staff and invited guests , the Chief Executive Officer said the partnership will offer schools , universities and colleges payment solutions that ensures payment of fees ,

‘’This is directly into ZB Account with all details available .The partnership is actually a milestone in developing the Education sector linking Zimbabwe with the abroad.

‘’This offers peace of mind to the one who sends since it eliminates the middle-man in the whole process .This affords the sender , 7%incentive from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ,’’he said .

Partner Representative, Dakshesh Patel pointed out clearly that the partnership is meant to stand at Global level as it stands to boost business in the Education sector.

‘’The Education sector stands uniquely vital. We need to make it shine, shine, shine and foster ahead economic development of many African countries still growing up .

‘’We have expansion plans around the World. The Organization is in five countries, that is India, Britain, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In other words we are in Europe, Asia and Africa.

‘’Plans are there to reach as deep into other countries which have marginalized communities  in Education Investments yet they have links with their relatives in abroad countries .

‘’Soon we are in Zambia where we shall deliver this initiative just like how we have made it in Zimbabwe. . It shall be business everywhere in the World, but Africa must be targeted.

Zimbabwe has almost about 4,5 million who are abroad according to the Information released by the International Organization for Migration [IOM] and the Census Office of Zimbabwe .Patel further illustrated that the country has ample greener chances of Education Innovation  .

‘’This is for young people’s vast opportunities, to boost education. In other words, Zimbabwe is open for Education Business.

‘’Education is an asset that never rots; therefore, it is vital to channel resources towards its development using this partnership as way forward.

‘’It is as good as an Investment to come up with and promote the reduction and alleviation of poverty and vulnerability in all communities ‘’, he concluded.

ZB Bank last year launched Internet Banking. This came with the application that allows customers to do RTGS payments in their homes, offices and wherever .The new service initiative is another milestone to do banking easier and at no risk .

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