2019: Coalition of PDP, ADC, NPDP, SDP, 34 others to sign MOU to defeat Buhari

Former Vice President Atiku and PDP Chair Secundus
Former Vice President Atiku and PDP Chair Secundus

THE plan by the opposition parties to form a grand alliance to challenge the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, which is certain to present President Muhammadu Buhari as its standard-bearer in the 2019 election, is finally taking shape as the parties have almost concluded the terms of the alliance.

Sunday Tribune learnt at the weekend that the leading opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Social Democratic Party, SDP, Labour Party, African Democratic Congress, ADC, New PDP, nPDP, and about 34 other parties and groups are close to signing a memorandum of understanding, MoU, on the alliance.

The four-member committee working on the MoU, it was gathered, was expected to perfect the document earlier in the week but could not finish it. This, it was said, was to give the legacy aligning parties enough room to digest the contents of the MoU and come up with suggestions before a final draft is produced and signed.

It was learnt that the opposition leaders are mindful of time and are determined to conclude work on the document and sign it within weeks.

According to a source within the coalition, Nigerians would begin to witness serious activities in the coalition.

“We are hoping to conclude all plans in the next three weeks. I can assure you that Nigerians would begin to see serious activities in the next few days,” he stated.

Talks were said to have reached a critical stage among the leaders of the opposition parties, who were said had agreed on how best to go about the alliance in a way that will make the 2019 presidential election a walkover for the opposition.

Sources told Sunday Tribune that the PDP, nPDP group and other aggrieved groups within the APC had shown strong commitment towards the alliance which they said was necessary in the interest of the country.

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  1. If this people or party can not produce 24hrs light for Nigerians before 2019
    Nobody should leave his or her house to vote for any party. Because we havr been enslaved for almost 50 years.
    This have to stop. Our youth should learn their lessons.

  2. Anybody from any party is acceptable than the mumu president who is fantastically weak. Someone who cannot give instructions to IGP,let alone CDS. Give him a 2nd term,wreck Nigeria.

  3. The ldea of party coalition is a bold step taken by PDP so far.It’s high time we stood our grounds to say no to killings and bad governance.

  4. An undeniable fact, what a leader must do.
    Firsrly, Let me start by say that defeating PMB in the coming election is certain, because he has failed the country in all aspect. The YOUTHS of the country are not happy with Buhari’s administration following several denial of one’s right, disobedience to the rule of law, embarrassment and intimidation from the security personnel (SARS) and the police at large, rise in the dollar exchange, inflation and the WORST of it all, the KILLINGS and spilling of the innocents.
    Take it one after the other, starting from the denial of people’s right to the killings of innocent citizens, and give a reason why one should get up on the election day, move to the polling station and vote Buhari. No reason! Not when one remembers how the security personnel intimidate him in his own home country. Meanwhile, Buhari made security of his greatest priorities when yearning for power, but have failed woefully.
    Now, one can not freely walk around in his own home due to these criminals called security who don’t even care to know what they are out for. They kill without remorse, and easily imposed criminality on their victims. This is a great danger for the youths, and Nigeria leaders are never thoughtful of the saying, “Youths aRe the leaders of tomorrow”. Sometimes, it seems to be that the leaders, especially the president and the governors don’t want the existence of the youths in the country. An incomprehensible situation. But how would the country grow?
    To enhance security in the country, the power sector should first be but in order,,,, install security light in the streets and ensure steady power supply. There are job varieties to be generated from having steady power supply. The government should not even pretend that they don’t know this. No such criminals who rob in the dark would like to operate in the presence of security light or street lights as called by many.
    The security agents should be cautioned to mind their jobs, that’s to secure the citizens and not to harass them. Whatsover it is, they should know that we are living in the century where anybody can be a journalist so far he or she has a smart phone. Real time images and videos are found here and there with security men raping and killing innocent people which they the security always say have been doctored or photoshopped. But whether doctored or photoshopped, there’s a big fact behind it. Smoke they say, never go without fire.

  5. For the record a gentleman in his late 40 can not be perceived as small boy.
    That notion was extremely poor.
    Let believe and show support.
    In God we trust.

  6. The good people of Nigeria must unite and dislodge the present ruling party that have nothing good to offer the nation. THE KILLINGS MUST STOP. LET’S KEEP NIGERIAN ONE

  7. I am particularly not concerned about where the president of this country comes from. All i need is good governance (service delivery) and from the look of things i am afraid this present government has failed on all fronts but psychophants will not want the nation to progress. God will not allow this heinous government to come back to power because that will spell doom for our nation. I cant wait for the 2019 general elections.

  8. The truth is this government has failed in all aspects, and the killings of the innocent citizens of the Nation is enough, so for me let every go get their voters card reddy to vote out this bad party and government come 2019, I so summit.

  9. Is really a bold step to unseat him. Because if mistaking we allow him second tenure. We’re all gone.

  10. I don’t even think dat Nigerians must wait till 2019 general election b4 removing PMB from dat highest office in Nigeria. A federal high Court in Oshogbo has just granted d prayers of two learned gentle men by ordering d two National Assembly to commence an impeachment process against PMB. I think dat area may put smiles on d faces of d oppressed Nigerians b4 d long awaited 2019 . let d will of our Jehovah take place in all things, amen.

  11. Thomas Wilson Ikubese and other Aspirants will work together for the progress of our Country,Buhari needs to retire now.

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