10th Africa infrastructure investment partnership conference focusing on energy, transport and water sectors to be hosted in South Africa

By  Wallace Mawire

The 10th African Public Private Partnership conference will be   held at the Cape Sun Hotel, Cape Town from 24 to 25 October 2018.According to AME Trade, the organisers,  theannual event has been Africa’s longest running Infrastructure Investment conference focusing on energy, transport and water partnerships.

 It is reported that the African PPP conference   has brought together industry stakeholders from more than 40 countries including more than 376 speakers and almost 1700 delegates over the past  10 years.

  “These key players include registered investors, funders and project developers, providing a platform to accelerate PPP project development across Africa.  It is our belief that all delegates play a role in creating the future roadmap for PPP’s on the continent in the attempt to bridge the infrastructure gap”,  Matildah Zungunde, AME  Trade Country Representative at Utho Capital Pty Ltd said.

 She said that her organisation would endeavour   to work with the relevant PPP units and industry stakeholders to provide   more focused and relevant insights into new key infrastructure developments   throughout the continent, particularly targeting energy,water and transport partnerships.

  The conference will also host an energy partnership ministerial roundtable discussion on the  importance of energy partnerships through PPPs for continental and regional development.

  A select group of ministers and key entities from across Africa will participate on this roundtable discussion, according to the organisers.

 Topics will include building sustainable energy infrastructure projects through PPPs, the impact of large regional projects, updates on infrastructure development plans for the sector and strategies and accelerating IPPs and renewable mix. Selected countries include, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, just to mention a few.

  A panel discussion will also be held dedicated to   understanding the implications of what public-private partnerships entail in the transport sector, and finding the key elements needed to develop successful PPPs in the transport sector. The discussion will focus on large scale projects vs smaller projects, understanding the social, political and economic risks, conducting a full value for money assessment, partnering for success, creating a transparent and competitive proposal process, building a shared vision and establishing viable PPP frameworks.

A policy dialogue to spotlight Southern African PPPs will also be held.

   It is reported that although South Africa has probably the most developed PPP framework in the region, other countries such as Namibia and Botswana are strengthening their legislations and working towards planning and implementing PPP projects. Southern Africa, as a whole, has already developed a number of successful PPP projects, with many more in the pipeline. The session will feature speakers from PPP units and other stakeholders from region, bringing   updates on projects, showcasing new bankable projects and highlighting opportunities for further development.


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