Why must the Nigeria’s Senate President be linked to armed robbery — Babaleye ‎ renown right activist

*Says‎: The threat of impeachment is not strange in Democracy
* It’s unfortunate political thugs turns armed robbers
By Olayinka Ajayi
Barrister Tolu Babaleye
Barrister Tolu Babaleye

Barrister Tolu Babaleye is a right activist and a Lawyer committed to the defenceless in Nigeria. In this encounter with Pan African Visions, he bears his mind on the implications of the continuous face-off between the Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Nation’s Inspector General of Police on the nation’s democracy.

How will you describe the crisis rocking Nigeria’s National Assembly with regards to the 12 point agenda raised at a joint session held lately?

The National Assembly is the third arm of government and its main responsibility is to do checks and balancing of the other two arms of government. It is also the National Assembly that makes the difference between the democratically elected government and a military dictatorship or oligarchy system of government.  When you remove the National Assembly from democracy, it is no longer democracy. It will become a dictatorial government. What the national assembly did last week is a wake up call to the Presidency to live up to his responsibilities. I do not see the threat of impeachment as anything strange.  It is just a weapon kept in case the President refuse to act on the items listed inform of resolution by the joint section of the National Assembly.

But some groups claimed the senate president is the one inciting the legislators against the President because he has been at a logger head with the IGP, what do you make of this?

The Senate President is just an individual out of many that we have in the National Assembly. If any member decides to support the motion in the house, I don’t think they should put the blame on the Senate president because he is just a presiding officer. In fact, it is the floor members that decide and the Senate President will only read out their decisions to the public. So it’s impossible for the Senate President to influence any member if they are not willing, considering the fact that the ruling party has the majority in the National Assembly and these members are still the one calling the President to order. I don’t think anybody should blame it on the Senate president. So it is what the members want.

What about the continuous face off between the leadership of the Senate and the IGP?

It is not healthy for our democracy because both the Senate President and the IGP are supposed to work together on how to move the nation forward.  But in a situation where the IGP has refused to appear before the Senate, it is not good for our democracy. They are laying a bad precedence by saying the National Assembly do not have the power to summon the IGP. It will have a serious implications on the future of our democracy. I want Nigerians to look at the institution of the National Assembly and not the personality occupying various offices and the leadership. It is very wrong for Senate to summon the IGP and he will refuse to appear and now turn around to say the National Assembly and House of Reps members have questions to answer in a way. This  is not good for our democracy.

Does the rift have anything to do with the name of the Senate President mentioned in the Offa Kwara state robbery case?

It is so unfortunate that political thugs will turn out to be armed robbers. From the report of the police, it is very glaring that the people who perpetrated the robbery are political thugs who have been operating in Offa and the environs. The question we must ask ourselves is that is political thuggery not different from armed robbery? If the political thugs confessed that they are political thugs of the Senate President but he did not ask them to go and rob. Why must you now link the Senate President with robbery? Political thuggery should be treated as such and armed robbery should also be treated as such.

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