Kenya:Woman remanded for advocating for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

By Samuel Ouma

A middle-aged woman from Kenya has been interdicted for allegedly marrying her daughter to an old man.

Mosiro resident, from the northern part of the country is accused of withdrawing her 11-year-old class two pupil from school, took her through FGM rite and betrothed her to a man who is claimed to be over 50 in age.

Irate villagers with the help from the area chief launched a search for the minor upon receiving information about her disappearance and amid growing tension, the woman went into hiding. The rescue mission was hampered by poor road networks; however, the suspect was finally ejected from her hiding place by the angry mob that was baying for her blood. She will be presented to court on Monday.

The Northern Kenya Children’s officer Stanley Rotich lamented over the residents’ stubbornness in eradicating the outdated culture.

“The girls in these regions are very insecure in the hands of their own parents and caregivers since they are forced into early marriages after going through genital mutilation, “Rotich Reiterated.

Chiefs have been directed to fight FGM and early marriage in their areas of jurisdiction, in which failure to report the cases of the obscene culture will lead to dismissal.

“We must endeavour to safeguard our girls by ensuring their rights are protected at all costs. Those thinking girls are used in barter trade for cows and goats will face the full force of the law,” said the area Commissioner.

The area Deputy Commissioner also urged teachers to raise the alarm when the girls ‘parents behave abnormally.

“Absenteeism should be reported with immediate effect,” reiterated the Deputy Commissioner.

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