African Children’s Full Attainment Of Education, The Only Weapon To Decolonise The Mind

By Nevson Mpofu

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe
Nyaradzo Mashayamombe

International and Regional Instruments, protocols , policies and laws crafted in signatory to United Nations protocols like the Convention on the Rights of the Child , the  African Charter on the Rights of the Child and Children’s Act at national level protects fully on the rights of children with special attention on Education .

This has made the  Government of Zimbabwe to be accountable and be answerable to questions pertaining some children on the streets , on farms and vanquished mining communities  who loiter and perambulate around  without being in school .

With the dawn of 2018 Day of the African Child which is June 15, Civil Society organizations, Child Rights Activists and Parliamentarians compelled African Governments to educate all children as voiced in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Articles.

Zimbabwe as a good example has been spot-lighted to see to it that every child is in school despite hardships the country currently faces. The call was made recently in Harare by an International organization which advocates for the Rights of all children .

The International Organization Tag-A-Life International Director, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe made a call recently in Harare at a local hotel. Child Rights activities from various organizations ,  young women and parliamentarians had an inter-face bent towards ascending the rights of children in Zimbabwe especially girls to receive Education for all as also is the goal of United Nations Education , Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO]

Alluding to section 75 of the Zimbabwe constitution which states that every citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe has a right to , basic state funded education , including basic adult education . Nyaradzo further highlighted that the right of all children to basic education especially in young people stands vital because these are the leaders tomorrow who need sundry of essential leadership and life skills meant for a better world for all.

‘’Our main concern is to raise the flag high and shout, every child in school. We are wagging a decent, outstanding battle to raise the lives of all children despite, race, creed or religion. It is therefore our thrust to reach wide range of communities through our support from the parliament.

‘’The focus glitters a light for all children far and beyond in marginalized communities to see the light , that is a weapon which kills poverty in every nation that attains social and economic  development .Leaders are molded by inculcation of skills through arrival to better and sustainable education that drives the nation like in all parts of the World .

Speaking like a Parliamentarian, Honorable Fannie Chirisa echoed on the need of the Government of Zimbabwe to revisit its Education Act and attach it to the constitution. There is need to link as well with International protocols like the Universal Declaration for Human Rights of 1948 She further stated that the country must not look towards donors to lift up lives of children in Education, but there is the need to amass own resources and value systems meant to push for the forward pace of Education of every child.

‘’We must not always think of donors as the ones to address our plight especially looking at children in Education issues on the ground. Let us amass our own resources for the basic education of every child who must attain better education with life skills to build a better economy.

‘’It looks like sometimes we tend to lose focus and get bent looking for support which sometimes we do not get as we over-expect what is not there . Donors are just a wage to this issue, but , we as Parliament we need to push start a debate with special focus on lifting the child who must receive better value education .

‘’Waiting for BEAM , Basic Education Assistance Module without our own resources in terms of finance is sometimes very dangerous , because sometimes we do not get the support . At the end, it’s the future of our young generations that goes under the bridge at the expense of economic development , she said .

The Universal Declaration for Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child makes every child see the light in the future if well put in line with our Laws and Policies. All countries signatory to the United Nations and these protocols have gone a long way in maintaining the Rights of their children, who today are Leaders in their respective rights.

Speaking on the side-line of children, Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children, Taylor Nyanhete observed that many countries are not taking heed to these International protocols which builds on the good shape and manner which directs all children into better, developed and academic lives .

‘’Education for All Goals of the United Nations are part and parcel of the Sustainable Development Goals , meant to educate , give better health for children and to protect them from an abuses , but , countries are not active in those issues .

‘’Zimbabwe has done well with other goals but still our focus is more on Education which is pivotal in an country. Since the time Millennium Development Goals were launched in 2000, we made strides, but, sometimes we focus on other issues. Yes, true, we, have to , but sometimes , it’s at the expense of children .

‘’At the same time , focus must be for us all as nations fighting to change this world through full support of Education , especially those marginalized and vulnerable communities . Like echoed already, it is not the journey to be accomplished by donors alone, but communities must as well walk-talk the long journey to children emancipation, he concluded .


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