Shop owners around Akufo-Addo’s house face eviction

By Papisdaff Abdullah.

Scores of shop owners operating around the Nima private residence of Ghana’s President have been given up to next week March 15 to vacate the area.

Operatives of the national security have reportedly visited the area and giving out compensation packages to the shop owners as part of efforts to evict them from the enclave.

The compensation package ranges between GHC3000 and GHC10,000. The country’s forex against the US Dollar currently stands at GHC4.3 to a dollar.

However, the shop owners are grumbling over what they say is the woefully inadequate compensation considering the fact that their means of livelihood is being taken away from them.

“They have given us the money but we are not happy about the amount. Some of us have been here for more than 20 years and all we could get is GHC3000. How do I take care of my family of six with this small money? I have been selling Gari (cassava flakes) and Beans here for 22 years, now I have no place to go and sell and they want me to move by next week,” one of the affected persons said.

Sources familiar with the development say the President has out of sympathy resisted efforts by the national security to pack out the shop owners.

Meanwhile, there are still concerns over why the Ghanaian leader has refused to move to the official presidential residence – Flagstaff House- even though he works from there on daily basis.

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