Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Modernise Zambian Embassies

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to equip all the 38 Missions with the right work environment, with the right equipment 

LONDON, United Kingdom, March 23, 2018,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for Administration Dr. Ronald Simwinga has said the Ministry has embarked on a project to equip all the 38 Zambian Missions abroad with modern facilities that are conducive for diplomats to work, so that they can rise to the challenge of being diplomats in the 21st century.
And Dr. Simwinga has commended Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde and his staff for the good work they are doing to raise the Zambian flag high in Economic and Political Diplomacy in the United Kingdom and other countries of extra accreditation.

Dr. Simwinga commended High Commissioner Chikonde and his staff after he received a supplement that was published in one of the UK’s wide-read Newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

On 28th February 2018 The Daily Telegraph contained in its newsprint in the Business pull out a special feature on Zambia entitled “A Giant Awakes” with an exclusive interview on His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The supplement covers an array of topics and interviews with various decision makers in key Ministries, the private sector, the Bank of Zambia and the Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC). In addition to the mainstream areas of investment, the publication celebrates Zambia’s rich cultural heritage and its unity in diversity.

Dr. Simwinga is currently in London attending a preparatory meeting for the forth coming Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit scheduled for the 16th- 20th April 2018.

In an interview after addressing diplomats at Zambia House on Tuesday, Dr. Simwinga said embassies represent the face of Zambia to the outside world

and for many people, it is the first point of contact with its government, therefore, it was imperative for government to ensure a favorable work environment for diplomats.

“To all the diplomats in our different embassies, there is something being worked on to improve the conditions under which you work in terms of work environment and the tools of the trade. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to equip all the 38 Missions with the right work environment, with the right equipment, we want our diplomats to operate from buildings that are conducive for diplomats to do their work, we want them to have the right tools, in terms of computers, transports, office accommodation and housing so that they can rise to the challenge of being diplomats in the 21st century,” he said.

And Dr. Simwinga has called upon Zambians in the diaspora to partner with Zambian embassies to help expand Economic Diplomacy as directed by President Edgar Lungu.

“Economic Diplomacy gives a new focus window for Zambians in the diaspora to get involved with embassies, particularly here in the UK. Zambians abroad have a big role to play and now that the embassies are geared to dovetail with the economic growth strategy of the country, this provides a great opportunity for the diaspora to utilise the facilities being offered in the embassies,” he said.

He said a lot of Zambians in the UK were running successful businesses and implored them to partner with the embassy in an effort to develop the country.

“We have a number of Zambians that are running very successful businesses, in the UK, the United States and China. This opens an opportunity for them to partner with embassies and bring their entrepreneur ideas. The relationship between the embassies and the diaspora provides a great conduit for ideas and its ideas that get transformed into enterprises, enterprises create jobs and jobs, create income and income is Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” he said.

Dr. Simwinga said it is the responsibility of Zambians both at home and abroad to work together to develop Zambia adding that it is Zambians who will build Zambia.

Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.

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