Liberation mining to expand mining exploration projects in Zimbabwe

By Wallace Mawire

Liberation mining, a part of international group of companies with worldwide operations has expressed keen interest to expand its mining operations in Zimbabwe.

Viktor Tskhovrebov, CEO of Liberation mining revealed at the Zimbabwe mining investment conference held in Harare on 27 and 28 February,2018 that the company was keen to expand its mining operations targeting chrome, gold and platinum in Zimbabwe.

The company is already engaged in coal mining in the country. It is also involved exploration, mining, processing, road and rail logistics, sales and trading including export operations. It has developed Lubimbi coal project in Matebeleland North province in Zimbabwe.

According to a statement released at the mining conference, the mission of the company is to efficiently use natural resources and ensure long term sustainable development of its projects and maintaining support for the environment.

Some of company’s global mining operations are in Russia, US, Venezuela, Singapore and Indonesia.
Global mineral exploration projects have targeted coal, nickel, gold, bauxite and manganese.

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