By Papisdaff Abdullah

Members of Parliament in Ghana are complaining bitterly about the delay in release of their February salary. According to the MPs, the delay in the payment of their salary is putting undue pressure on them as they head to their constituencies for the commemoration of Ghana’s independence on March 6.

“There is a particular trend that has started over the last couple of months that is getting most of us worried and the trend is that when the month ends we don’t see our salaries. “The last month we received our salaries on the 10th and this month, today is 2nd and there is no sign of us getting our salaries and we are worried, every MP is complaining,” Asuogyaman MP Ampem Nyarko told journalists.

He added, “Trust me this is not about those on the left, every MP is complaining except some of them are unable to voice out. It is a very serious thing that is happening to us. “You plan your finances and you don’t know what to do again. We are going into our constituencies for 6th March, a lot of expenditure ahead of us and nothing showing in our Bank accounts.”

MP for Buem, Daniel Kwasi Ashiamah also complained bitterly stating that the situation is extremely worrying and would greatly affect their finances if they are not paid by the end of the day. “Today is Friday and I am going home to meet my constituents and Tuesday will be 6th March and I have not been paid, I have not been paid, that is the matter…and there is no money in my pocket.”

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