Zimbabweans up call for Tsvangirai hero status

By Wallace Mawire

Zimbabweans from across various sectors are upping their call for the new transition government to honour through hero status opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who recently passed away in South Africa due to colon cancer.

According to Gadzamoyo Dehwa, President of the Good People’s Movement Zimbabwe, the party learned with deep sorrow the passing away of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

“On my own behalf and on behalf of my Party Good People’s Movement Zimbabwe People’s Party we think Mr Tsvangirai must be accorded national hero status,” Dehwa said.

He added that though he was going to defeat both Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa in this year’s election he did not wish to have any of them dying.

“These people who have shaped our democracy must be accorded respect,” Dehwa said.He also advised MDC members not to wash their dirty linen in public by getting into succession fights.

“For 2018 lets all go and Vote for Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah, Moyondizvo as President. Those who want to create a better legacy join ZPP:GPM. Now more than ever Zimbabwe needs a strong and honest leadership, to make the lives of the hard families better,” Dehwa said..

He said that Zimbabwe has lost a gallant fighter for democracy and that Mr. Tsvangirai is a Hero and must go to the National Heroes Acre.

“This is nation building from 2018 President by Public Demand,Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah and be part to your PartyZimbabwe People’s Party:Good People’s Movement, the Party of Choice.We say may our Dear Lord Comfort you all in this moment of sorrow and grief,” Dehwa said.

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