African markets sensitive to cost – Ayoola, Tranter IT Boss

 Says: ‘African are weary of applications they can’t afford‎’

* ‘Companies spend million  on bandwidth they don’t need’

By Olayinka Ajayi

Peeved by organisations wasting millions on needless bandwidth, Olarewaju Ayoola, CEO Tranter IT, an African Infotech Technology company based in Nigeria, bare his mind on ways to earn foreign exchange using substantial, user friendly software among other issues.

Olarewaju Ayoola, CEO Tranter IT
Olarewaju Ayoola, CEO Tranter IT

Rating  challenges of InfoTech in Africa

IT in Africa has been very substantial in a way. If you recall, when Micro soft introduced their application into Nigeria, It required very skilled Engineers to make any progress at all. And most African  organisation encountered  lots of problem. With the amount of money you required to train Micro-Soft certified Engineers to deliver services to the enterprises . It was very substantial , and not easy for many organization to achieve. What Manage Engine did was to develop their application that simplifies the management and the operation of Micro-Soft applications and server. To manage Active Directories AD is a very complicating job. But with ManageEngine software you find managing AD very easy. We realize the need to simplify it so that the effectiveness of Engineers in Nigeria would be higher. With this, the development time of an engineer has been greatly reduced which mean the cost of developing that engineer has also been greatly reduced.

How app addresses challenges

Every organization has a challenge for occasion that comes up. Service Desk plus is a ManageEngine product that solves that problem. It makes it very easy to solve any problem that occur in an organization; either facility management incidence, hospital management, military incidence, government, oil companies, insurance manufacturing, hospitality among others. More efficiently, improve productivity especially from the support aspect of the network management aspect that would result to substantial cost reduction in I.T management that would bring a lot of suffiency to the enterprise. Those who have use the software have found out that 71percent of users can actually resolve issues themselves than relying on a technician. We also found out that 91 percent of I.T Engineers found out that they could do more jobs using Manage Engine softwear than they had done using other software. Manage Engine has over 90 different applications. What we find is that once you are dealing with a company like Trans I.T, the official distributor of ManageEngine in Nigeria, you are dealing with a company that knows the product , there is virtually no problem face an organization we cannot address with manage Engine Applications. Instead of addressing mundane issues such as resetting passwords. With the use of ManageEngine product, users can reset their password without any technician assistance.

Challenges companies encounter in Africa

The Challenge organizations encounter in Africa is negligence. Its needs to be address and nobody want to address challenge and another one comes up and nobody remembers to solve the It, Our software helps organization to manage and remember them. In term of your incident resolution, the Software define time limits in which problem needs to be resolved through defining the service level . Once the service level has been define, the product help you determine if you are doing well or not. Most companies are ignorantly paying for bandwidth they don’t need. Our product has an application that measures supplied bandwidth, what is required, what is needed and the reliability of the supplied bandwidth to your organization. Enabling you to come up with better plan on which service provider you should do business with. Can you imagine that companies are spending N 100,N200 million annually on bandwidth. Some companies are buying 20% more than they need, which is approximately N40million saving. With this analysis it is evident that manageEngine can save Nigerian companies from lose of huge amounts of money because these bandwidth cost is a foreign cost. With Tranter IT partnership with ManageEngine there is assurance of lots of foreign exchange that are cost effective.

Future of commerce and Industry in Africa

With Tranter IT partnership, I see Management Engine to be an house hold name in Africa’s commerce and industry as its addresses variety of challenges encountered running effective and smooth business. Simply because it makes life easier for everybody by reducing cost, increasing productivity and efficiency. In the last one year, the interest in Manage Engine has grown to 200%. We expect it to grow to 1000% in 2018 in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. Reason being that; three out of five companies in Nigeria are using ManageEngine products. So it’s a proven product that is tried and tested. We observed that our clients appreciate the product as it has solved most of their challenge. It like any new product, it takes time before it is generally acceptable. We are very happy to say its acceptance in Nigeria is growing very rapidly. But what we are doing to actualize the 2018 bench mark is by engaging what we called the ‘prove of consent’. We concentrate on delivering cost effective product by partnering with ManageEngine. We also observed Nigerians are tired of having wonderful applications that they can’t afford. We solved the problem by offering application Nigerians can afford.

Dynamism of doing business across Africa

The Nigerian and African market is tough because our environment is changing rapidly. The market is very sensitive to cost which determine what companies can afford . As an organization, if you are not dynamic and determine, you will find the African market very difficult and you could be out of business.

Being dynamic is the major key doing business in Africa. In other words, looking towards solving problems and not towards merely selling products like a traders. There is nothing wrong being a trader. What I meant is, assume the market can no longer absolve your product, your business goes down. So focus at solving problem. If you always solve problem you remain relevant always. That is what Tranter IT does, while we focus on identifying the problems our clients are experiencing, we design and implement solution to their problems. While other companies were retrenching, we have being growing, while others are reducing salaries, we ware increasing salaries .We love our customers and we are always interested in their prosperity. we will always be relevant because we always look for how to solve your problems.

Nigeria as a nation has challenges in different sectors and if your business provide solution to these challeges you cannot be out of work .But if your business is not providing solution then you have a lots of challenge to survive in that business. ManageEngine has solution to challenges . We are hoping that the markets would not shrink because irrespective of we offering solutions to IT related challenges, we are not involve in solving Macro economic challenges like; power and other related problems. As ingenious company, we take pride in what we do. When we do not have engineers with required skills, we send our engineers abroad to acquire skills rather than bring foreigners to be paid as expatriates. Our policy is to train Nigerian Engineers to compete with the rest of the world in Information Technology IT.

Affordable and user friendly of App

It time Nigerian companies start engaging software that do not require spending much time answering questions that are not necessary for business. Our application gives you the opportunity to add necessary customized ones that are unique to your organization. In terms of usability presently ManageEngine software is very easy and in term of the ability to customize applications, it’s very easy and extremely user friendly.


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