Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Has Made Great Shifts from the Mugabe Approach-2018 Presidential Hopeful Gadzamoyo Dewah

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah is looking forward with optimism to the 2018 elections
Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah is looking forward with optimism to the 2018 elections

Dr Gadzamoyo  Dewah President of the Good Peoples Movement/Zimbabwe People’s Party  says while the fight that recent political transition was a fight within the ruling ZANU-PF, current President Emmerson Mnangagwa is pulling the country back from the brink. Dewah, who is planning a Presidential run in 2018 credits President Mnangagwa has cracked the whip on corruption, and the environment is less intimidating that what obtained under President Mugabe.While land reforms embarked upon by former President Robert Mugabe must continue, Dr Dewah believes that better management is needed for the process. He supports the call from President Mnangagwa  for the international community to ease sanctions on Zimbabwe and believes that if elected in 2018, he would transform the country.

Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah , thanks for granting this interview, how is Zimbabwe doing today under President Mnangagwa?

Thank you for affording me to participate in this interview on Zimbabwe after former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe was forced out from being the President of the Republic by the Army Generals to pave way for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. My name is Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah. I am the President of Good People’s Movement: Zimbabwe People’s Party (GPM:ZPP). I am 49 years and I believe I am the right candidate for Zimbabwe’s Presidency in 2018. Today Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa is not charged emotionally as it was during Mugabe’s era. There is no noise in the streets. There is no intimidating environment that used to prevail during Mugabe’s time.

Mnangagwa has made great shifts from Mugabe approach. He cracked the whip on corruption. Those targeted Ignatious Chombo, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere have become more virulent. Their alignment to Mrs Grace Mugabe was becoming scarier as there was potential for the protagonist to cause blood shed if the situation had not changed the way it did. Zimbabwe with Mnangagwa is more dignified than when it was during Mugabe’s rule. People are hopeful that things will improve. President Mnangagwa, banned out Hero worshiping and he does not want songs composed that hero worship him.

Mr. Mangwana who is among President Mnangagwa’s advisors told me when we met a funeral that, from 2014 all the diamond that was being mined was kept in Reserve Bank Vouch so that it was to be sold towards 2018 elections. I am told Mnangagwa has changed that thinking and has ordered that the diamond which is worth $200 million to be auctioned. However this could be just flattery because there is no meaningful change that ZANU PF can bring. The people are the same. The very people who removed Mugabe today are the very people who forced him to remain there when MDC won 2008 elections.

What is your reading of the movement that brought him to power, was it a military coup, was it a civilian uprising considering the participation of the people, or was it a constitutional transition considering that President Mugabe handed over to his Vice President?

Emmerson Mnangagwa said elections were "nearer than you expect"
The transition that brought Emmerson Mnangagwa t0 power was in ZANU PF,says Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah

The transition that brought Mnangagwa into power was a fight in ZANU PF. It was internal fights in the ZANU PF party that made the soldiers to behave the way they did. The coming in of Grace Mugabe into politics had seen ZANU PF being shaken from within. The shaking was targeting the War Veterans and Joice Mujuru, then Mutsvangwa and others. This time the axe was on Mnangagwa.

Grace went further to denigrate the Army Commander Chiwenga. Chiwenga and other Army Generals are also War Veterans. So Grace was definitely moving towards them. The story is it was feared that if Mnangagwa was to be fired in the Presents of Chiwenga, that might cause commotion. So, Chiwenga was sent to send to China and in his Mnangagwa was fired. Information is coming that the plan was to arrest Chiwenga on his way from China. This information which was picked up military intelligence resulted in the foiled arrest of Chiwenga. In retaliation, the Army Commander did what he did. That was a coup at its face value. However the Army categorically refused that it was not a coup. Looked from the perspective that the top hierarchy of Army are former ZANLA forces, ZANU PF is their natural home. So the Army Generals were correcting a situation in their own Party. Being more analytical I think this type of hand over of power was planned over a number of times and my guess from when Grace entered into politics in 2013.

Mugabe with his pride would not have wanted to face defeat.  To save himself he created a situation that would make everyone justify the move taken by the Army Generals. In his plan Mugabe should have planned that if creates confusion in the party, his own party was definitely going to deal with him. It that fail to happen, the plan was to leave his wife running the show. I am sure Mugabe, the Army Generals and Mnangagwa could have been part of this big plan, but their followers such as Chombo, Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere were not aware. These thought the plan “Vanhu kuna Mai muna 2018” (people to go to the Mother in 2018) was a perfect plan and they were busy looting to amass money for the 2018 elections. Chombo was even moved to the Finance Ministry so that access to money would be automatic. So the skirmish was to make Mugabe’s removal appear as if it was a forced step down when this thing can be construed as planned thing. For the Civilian this was a jubilation that the soldiers have removed Mugabe. The civilians wanted Mugabe to go. Not that they were welcoming the coming of Mnangagwa. They were just happy with the move taken by soldiers. Zimbabweans are afraid of bodily injuries so it is a nation that does not favour uprising as an option. The presence of soldiers brought the security the civilians wanted so that they would joyfully go and tell Mugabe to pack his bags and go. Yes we participated in all our political divide. There was unity of purpose.

The movement that brought Mnangagwa to power can also be construed as ZANU PF’s caricature to achieve its long cherished One-Party-State. In 1988/89 Jonathan Moyo wrote “ZANU PF is going to achieve One-Party-State, through brainwashing, mass propaganda, and emotional manipulation of people’s minds”. What happened was an emotional manipulation of people’s minds with the effect of sprucing the image of ZANU PF and making ZANU PF perceived as the only party to follow in 2018. So this was a ZANU PF way of passing the button. This however makes us wary of the role of military in politics.  Looking again in the Constitution, the Army has the role to protect the civilians from any danger including political risk. Yes we understand that the top hierarchy of the Army is made up of War Veterans who sympathizes with fellow War Veterans who are ruling the country, but we may run the risk of having a military government as ZANU PF itself is a military Party.

For all he did for Zimbabwe, what do you think the impact of the recent power transition will have on the legacy of President Robert Mugabe?

Mugabe destroyed his own legacy by clinging on power. He lost many more opportunities in other world missions which he could have participated had he left power earlier. He constructed schools and Hospitals and destroyed them. Today schools are dilapidating, no roads, no industry except vending. If Mnangagwa follows the foot steps of Mugabe, then people will remember some of the good that Mugabe did. Indeed this is what Mnangagwa will do. He will not be hard on all criminals but only targets those who were on the G40 that supports Grace. If Mnanangagwa follow some of the reports that we give him, for example as an opposition leader, I was dismissed from City of Harare because I discovered corruption involving over $1,4 million. These people were protected by Chombo and some of them are MDC-T Councilors. I know these people and we have written reports to President Mnangagwa to critically look into those things.

Members of my Party expect that Mnangagwa will deal with such issues which were perpetrated by people who supported Mugabe and his wife Grace. Since this issue involve both MDC-T and ZANU PF members, the two parties may choose to ignore such issues and that will make Mnangagwa equal to Mugabe. In that instance Mnangagwa’s work will not overshadow Mugabe’s legacy.

For all the criticisms against Mugabe, Zimbabweans have a very high literacy rate compared to the rest of Africa, and to his own political peril, he undertook land reform in the country, should your compatriots not view this as part of his lasting legacy?

Its true, education and land Reform is a lasting legacy for Mugabe. However as I get into power there is need to further redistribute the land and ensure everyone who want the land gets it. My party will develop the farming communities and ensure that there are roads, clinics and schools. This will to some extent demise land reform legacy of Mugabe. My Party supports the land reform. So the land needs redistribution. Development should take place in the farming community with the state even ensuring the standard of houses in the farming community is improved as well. Yes land reform is Mugabe’s lasting legacy though it created social injustice.

What is your take on the first government of President Mnangagwa and do you think it would have been a good thing to have some opposition figures in the government?

Mnangagwa’s government is small. That is cost cutting. Even his motorcade has a smaller fleet. The removal of deputy Ministers was also a good move as that reduced expenditure on the fiscus. However I think Mnangagwa’s government is docile. These are the same old people with the same ZANU PF philosophy of sweet talking and never doing what they preach. Yes I think it was going to bring some credibility on Mnangagwa if he had included some opposition in his government. This is the inclusivity the people of Zimbabwe require. Just like myself as I win 2018 elections, I am going to have an inclusive government. I will consider all the parties and ensure we work together for the good of Zimbabwe. What Mnangagwa did, to exclude opposition in his government is what causes partisan politics instead of nation building politics. Politics remains at Kindergatten level instead of developing further to be a civilized modern political democracy where tolerance, respect of different views, acceptance of others exist. The government of exclusion brings a combative move by the political parties. This is not good for the ordinary people as this is where these non-inclusion strategies manifest themselves as community members beat each other for supporting a certain political party and where food distribution by government is targeted to members of the people in one party. However if all political parties are considered in forming a government, these community fissures are cured.

President Mnangagwa has called for international sanctions against Zimbabwe to be lifted, what is the position of your party?

Good People’s Movement does not support sanctions. GPM:ZPP is the largest Green Political Party in Zimbabwe. We believe in co-existence. We believe in conserving our nature. Sanctions target or not targeted are ruinous to the ordinary man we want to help. Those on sanctions are controlling the resources of the country. The ripple effect of sanctions is that those on sanctions if they are still targeted are the ZANU PF officials including President Mnangagwa himself. This will make it difficult for him to close developmental deals with investors out there, be it in USA, Britain or EU. For MDC-T that will be alright because they want to win through arm strung not through articulating their manifesto. GPM:ZPP has a different perspective altogether now more than ever, Zimbabwe needs a faithful leadership, strong and stable government to get the best deal for Zimbabwe and its people. We are the Future and we have to protect the future and empower the Future and posterity. Now more than ever, Zimbabwe needs strong and stable leadership to make the most of the opportunities for hardworking families. Now more than ever, Zimbabwe needs a clear plan. Our Manifesto Forward Together Zimbabwe Massive Economic Projects Approach (ZIMEPA) is what my government will deliver. So what would sanctions bring? It will have the effect of slowing the takeoff of our economy. We want people to have US Dollars. Whether that money comes to help President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stabilize the economy or if it comes as political funding so that we are able to work with precision of the cutting edge penetration in the popularity of our party that we need. Good People’s Movement is a concept that in itself compels good values. So we can not propagate for sanctions. Rather we support the President of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa in his bid to have the sanctions lifted. It is good for everyone. Elections must be a free and fair so its not time to put screws but time to be generous with that political democracy. Its time GPM:ZPP should get resources. How do we get the resources? Through working and getting a rewards for your work. How do we work in a country under sanctions? It is us who are targeted by sanctions not ZANU PF or MDC-T. These two parties are the only political parties which are funded. The rest of us we have to work as individuals first supporting the party. As people increase in the party we expect use of personal money to do party business. That is our sacrifice because our families will be suffering. So lifting the sanctions is a mitigating measure meant to stabilize the economy as the Country move towards the election due in August 2018. So sanctions will hit hard on us but will work well with MDC-T as it has unfished business with ZANU PF, but we want both parties to go and the stabilization of the economy should pave way for GPM:ZPP leadership as , Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah defeat both ZANU PF and MDC-T. The lifting of sanction is paramount so that people get access to their cash, so that people can choose their leaders with a free mind which is not affected by stress. When there are sanctions communities are put in great danger and risk of being manipulated by those in financial based rigging strategies. The looters even target the same vulnerable people as was happening with the former President Cde RG Mugabe’s economy. That model of sanctions is not in our support.

On the issue of land reform, what is your position and that of your party, there was a recent story about the President returning land back to a white evicted farmer, what is your take?

By over staying in power, former President Mugabe hurt his own legacy says Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah
By over staying in power, former President Mugabe hurt his own legacy says Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah

Land Reform is irreversible. I support land reform, I do not support the racial retribution that was done. I did not like the greediness that was displayed. We however don’t support the greediness that the political leadership in ZANU PF. Zimbabwe has 39 million hectares, 33 million for farming and 6 million hectare for national parks. Majority of A1 resettled farmers were given 6 hectares and A2 farmers were given 15 hectares. President Mugabe took 15804 hectares and his top Party Members including those in Mnangagwa’s Present ZANU PF had an average 2000 ha. The magnitude of inequality prepared is to large to be accepted. The former President alone has 15804 ha. Mr Mugabe’s Ministers, Army Generals, Lawyers and Relatives have farms ranging from 100 ha to 6956 ha, the average being 2028 ha. The distribution of the land was partisan and some citizens because of color were totally denied their right to the land that they inherited from their fathers. Yes these people did not acquire that land but forcibly taken it from the blacks; – that in itself warrants land reform but it was not supposed to be done in a retributive way. In allocation of land those people “whose land” was compulsorily acquired should have been consider in the allocation either in their farms or elsewhere among the rest of the people. This is nation building and we don’t build a nation based of racial, class, color, or language difference. As long someone is a citizen of Zimbabwe he or she is entitled to land despite of race, color, creed, or political affiliation. Even my Government shall always identify people with bigger land and subdivide it accordingly to accommodate those citizens without land. Most of this land is lying idle. Viewed from that perspective, Mugabe created land barons. Some of them would end subdividing the land selling it for personal benefit when they obtained it free and when it is supposed to be used for national development

You have been critical of the ruling party, you have been critical of the opposition MDC, what is your party offering Zimbabweans and how is that different from what the ruling party and opposition parties are offering?

ZANU PF and MDC-T depend on rhetoric GPM is practical. The 2018 election is the most important Zimbabwe has faced in my lifetime and since 1980, independence. Our future prosperity, our place in the world, our standard of living, and the opportunities we want for our children – and our children’s children – all depend on getting the next five years right. If we fail, the consequences for the economic security of ordinary, working people across this country will be significant. If we succeed, the opportunities ahead of us are great. You will not find this in MDC-T or ZANU PF. This is Good People stuff.

GPM Manifesto identifies five Giant Challenges that we need to tackle. You will not find a well-articulated challenges that are facing Zimbabwe from ZANU PF and MDC except rhetoric.

Five giant challenges

  1. The need for a strong economy.

We need to make the most of our existing strengths, invest in infrastructure and people, and ensure that the whole of our economy across the whole of our country can grow. Without a strong economy, we cannot guarantee our security, our personal prosperity, our public services, or contented and sustainable communities.


  1. Zimbabwe and a changing world.

We need to deliver a smooth and orderly departure from the disenfranchisement from the World Economic Order and forge a deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across the World. Technology has provided us the tools we need and we have the capabilities use these tools. Skills training to use the tools is easy to do since we have many would be trainers who are already using these and everyone has the potential and capability to use internet tools. As there is increasingly little distinction between domestic and international affairs in matters of migration, national security and the economy, Zimbabwe must stay strong and united – and take a lead in the world to defend our interests in the World Economic Order by providing solutions that work for everybody.

  1. Enduring social divisions.

For too many people, where you end up in life is still determined by where you were born and to whom. GPM:ZPP does not believe in that predestination. The Party is anchored on Massive Livelihoods Approach and believe in Unity, Prayer, Love and Hope. The Construction of a New City will wipe all unemployment and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their talents and hard work, whoever you are and wherever you are from. This opportunity extent to equal opportunity to political office. Do not negate yourself. Your value no one can measure except God who even knows the strand of your hair. The party has no limitation of color, creed or language. Are you a Zimbabwean Citizen?, if you are, You Should Be Here Zimbabwe People’s Party beyond Color bar.

  1. An ageing society.

This is a great challenge especially when those going into the ageing society have never had any formal job and have no source of old age income. It my belief that these people have done a lot for the country. They supported the rural agricultural activity and the informal mining activities which plays an important role in our society. We need to respond to the reality of an ageing society, giving people security in old age and caring for those with long-term health conditions, whilst making sure we are fair to younger generations, mothers and children. To that effect there shall be an Old Age Pension Allowance for everyone who attains 60 years and above.

  1. Fast-changing technology.

For the sake of our economy and our society, we need to harness the power of fast-changing technology, while ensuring that our security and personal privacy – and the welfare of children and younger people – are protected. This will have phenomenal growth for. Zimbabwe must move forward and be a producer and participant in the fast changing technology. By 2023, Zimbabwe must be able to launch its satellite in the sky by the year 2030. Zimbabwe must produce some of the components that are used by the fast changing technology

So when we can identify our challenges we can offer the solutions. ZANU PF and MDC do not know our challenges. To them unemployment is a challenge. I say no, unemployment is a manifestation of a challenge. So when we deal with the challenges we bring full employment. We are a practical party. We are a party beyond color bar, we are original not puppets of any system. I believe we can – and must – take this opportunity to build a Great Meritocracy. This is not found in MDC-T and ZANU PF. These believe in Partisan. We believe in Green Politics. We are the largest Green Political Party in Zimbabwe.

How  is your party preparing for the next elections is, are you going to be a candidate and what needs to be done for the elections to be free and fair?

Good People’s Movement is preparing for elections for next year. I, Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah will be contesting for the  Presidency to win. The Party has already produced its manifesto whose implementation will peg Zimbabwe among the Fastest Growing Economies in the World. Within 40 days after my inauguration as President, the country will be back into the World Economic Order as the Fastest Growing Economies in the World.  International Construction are being invited to take up Construction of the New City (the City of Trade and Diplomacy) that GPM want to build in Zimbabwe. We would want to have investors who can put up some tallest building in this New City. There should be magnificent roads connecting this City. If Zimbabwe is opened up as a country where construction is happening, that wipes out all unemployed brick layers, carpenters, engineers, architectures and all those professions that are for the construction industry. This has ripple effects of creating many more other service jobs and it will fire up the cement industry as well as resuscitating Zimbabwe Steel Company (ZISCO) and many more industries. For our campaign we use cost effective methods such as whatsapp, facebook, linkedin, referrals, own websites and internet addresses such ashttps://gadzamoyo.futurenet.clubwww.gadzamoyo.tkwww.gadzamoyo_office.tk info@gadzamoyo.tk. Interaction with other people is done through personal business and hard working atwww.gadzamoyo.worldventures.biz . At World Ventures I meet with a lot of friends who provides motivational speeches. Thank you World Ventures. I also assist people to get on line jobs such as atwww.empowr.com/gadzamoyo . Here people will also meet my campaign materials. This  is what I am doing, I am able to reach fans around the country at a very low cost. Not everyone has a phone that goes on whatsapp. This presents a challenge that require face to face contact through a rally. A challenge that require printed voter education material be they flyers, posters, or t/shirts. Getting resources to manage to do these is our greatest challenge. In some parts of the country, there are increasing demands by people who want me to hold a rallies.

There is need for capacity building which includes some cash and some vehicle. Resources is the greatest challenge for starting parties. As a proposal to the world it would be good initiate “Global Political Parties Funding Bill” like the one that was done by USA for sanctions so as to help the growing democracies. This initiative will make sure that all political parties are equally and well-funded. Political Parties will compete on the basis of their manifesto. The electorate will vote for candidates on the basis of their manifesto and promises to the people. But if other political Parties like here in Zimbabwe only MDC-T and ZANU PF are getting money, that bring vote buying and Zimbabwe remains the same. If all political parties are funded, GPM will have a sweeping victory. But without funding, yes I, Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah will win as President, but not with the margin I would get if there is funding. This is the Opportunity for the World to influence Zimbabwe the growth of Zimbabwe Democracy; to implement long term decision that are right for our future through funding all political parties equally. This will bring a real completion and a true, credible, free and fair elections.

To have free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, the elections must be conducted by United Nations. This is a critical transition. At the moment person who was running the Zimbabwe Election Commission Justice Rita Makarawu resigned. This means that new leadership will go through some learning curve before gaining the confidence and experience of managing an electoral systems. United Nations must therefore run Zimbabwe 2018 elections. As part of that arrangement, United Nations should have a budget to fund all political parties equally. This will ensure there is a fair race.

Soldiers must stop assisting ZANU PF during elections. The assistance of ZANU PF to remove Mugabe should not be extended to have soldiers as campaigning agents of ZANU PF because that will intimidate people and free and fair elections will not be achieved. With the appointment of some of the soldiers as ministers the common man views a soldier and ZANU PF as one thing. There is need for money for voter education to rub this misconception in the minds of the people. Participation of soldiers as voting officials will intimidate the communities to vote for ZANU PF. This will not bring a free and fair elections.

Election observers and monitors should be deployed four months before the elections. All interested stakeholders must be accredited to observe the election. Also ZEC laws with regard to conduct of candidates must be enforceable so that those who bend the rules are brought to book.

With the Mugabe era now over, what are your expectations from the Mnangagwa administration and looking at the future, what are your fears and hopes for the country?

Mnangagwa is just there to complete the term of the former President Robert Mugabe. With his will to deal with corruption, Mnangagwa is able to bring a political environment that can bring confidence to bring elections. My expectation from Mnangagwa’s Administration is that it will continue tracking down criminals and correcting banking sector confidence. My fears with Mnangagwa administration is that he is flanked with soldiers which may degenerate into a military government. My hope for Zimbabwe is that 2018 elections will be held as scheduled. This will give GPM opportunity to get in and form a government that will implement Zimbabwe Massive Economic Projects Approach (ZIMEPA). GPM Manifesto Forward Together. Construction of a New City, Mandatory Old Age Pension, Child welfare allowance to mothers with children less than 5 years, Over 3 million on line jobs, Full employment, massive water body development, tarred road connectivity. My hope is to have a happy Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwe in which every area is able to prosper. A Zimbabwe with a modern industrial strategy to spread opportunity across the whole country. A Zimbabwe in which work pays, with a higher national living wage and proper rights and protection at work. A Zimbabwe in which the economy is strong to support world-class public services, with the most ambitious programme of investment in people, technology and buildings the National Health Service has ever seen; record – and fair – funding for schools; and the first ever proper plan to pay for – and provide – social care. And a Zimbabwe in which burning injustices are tackled and overcome, with the first new Mental Health Bill after thirty years to put parity of esteem at the heart of treatment and end the stigma of mental illness once and for all. This is my plan for a stronger Zimbabwe and a prosperous future. It is a declaration of intent: a commitment to get to grips with the great challenges of our time and to take the big, difficult decisions that are right for Zimbabwe in the long-term. That is our greatest hope


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