Concerned Zimbabwean citizens demand to know missing journalist cum activist whereabouts

By Wallace Mawire

Missing activist Itai Dzamara
Missing activist Itai Dzamara

Concerned Zimbabwean citizens who recently attended the Zimbabwe
solidarity march held in Harare to call for the resignation of
President Robert Mugabe took to the podium to demand to know the
whereabouts of Itai Dzamara, Zimbabwean missing journalist cum


The solidarity march rally was attended by many Zimbabwean citizens
including other racial communities like white people and the coloured
community.Previously, some of the other racial communities in the
country like the white people have not been easily mixing with the
black community, but at this recent gathering, they mingled with one
objective of trying to push Mugabe out of power.


One activist who gave a solidarity message at the rally said that
there was a person who was missing in the country and people needed to
know from the government where the person was.This was in reference to


There were huge echoes of agreement from concerned citizens who
indicated that government had an obligation to reveal the whereabouts
of the missing activist who had gained popularity due to his criticism
of Mugabe.

March 9, 2017, marked the second anniversary of the disappearance
of Itai Dzamara, Zimbabwean civil society activist and leader of
Occupy Africa Unity Square. On this day two years ago, Dzamara was
forced into an unmarked vehicle and has not been heard from since.

Dzamara has been missing since March 2015.Some countries like the
United States reported that they remained deeply concerned about
Dzamara’s whereabouts and wellbeing. They said that the lack of
progress in the case raised doubts about the intention of the
authorities responsible for the investigation.

“We once again call on Zimbabwean authorities to show their
commitment to protecting the constitutionally-guaranteed human rights
of all Zimbabweans, regardless of political beliefs or affiliation.
We again call on Zimbabwean authorities to mobilize the full extent of
their resources to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mr.
Dzamara’s abduction, and to ensure that those responsible are brought
to justice,’. according to a message released on the anniversary.

The message further said that this was not an issue of politics.
This was an issue of basic human rights and rule of law.
“All citizens of Zimbabwe have the right to life and personal liberty,
the right to participate in peaceful political activities, including
the right to demonstrate and petition peacefully, and the right to
express themselves freely and without repercussion. We stand together
with Mr. Dzamara, the Dzamara family and the people of Zimbabwe in
demanding resolution in this case and in supporting their rights to
freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.’ the statement on the
last anniversary read.

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