“I invite you to invest in Chad” – President Idriss Deby

PARIS, France, September 7, 2017/ —

  • The president of Chad made a personal request of the international investment community to come and invest in Chad
  • This comes on the coat tail of the Chad National Development Plan 2017-2021 two-day Round Table where development partners are meeting to approve Chad’s budgetary gap of 3710 billion FCFA
Idriss Deby Itno, President of the Republic of Chad
Idriss Deby Itno, President of the Republic of Chad

As the president of the Republic of Chad I am in Paris today addressing a distinguished and talented group of international partners who will be validating the financing of the next step of Chad’s National Development Plan 2017-2021.

Not all readers know to what degree the world relies on Chad to help enforce the security and stability of central Africa and the African continent. Chad has also emerged as a global model for humaine integration of hundreds of thousands of immigrants whom we have welcomed and educated. Chad has adopted an inclusive and consensual development framework and has fostered a constructive dialogue between its administration, civil society, religious groups, parliament, and our technical and financial partners.

Aside from mobilizing resources in Paris to meet the funding requirements of our National Development Plan (over 6 billion USD), we are here to gather suggestions on how to do more in the process of reviving our growth. Chad has been doing the work needed to provide the legal and economic environment for investors to come and participate in the future. We have been improving transparency and governance; we have shown that development and protection of the environment and our natural resources go hand in hand.

Admittedly, Chad faces challenges. The global drop of oil prices has lessened our national revenues and tax base, and the absorption of immigrant populations is a costly responsibility. National and regional security is an ongoing task that requires massive resources. The financing commitments we are achieving in Paris today are essential, and are greatly appreciated, but beyond the solidarity of our partners Chad calls out to the international investment community to consider the attractiveness of Chad by accompanying us as we diversify our economy and develop our non-oil sectors. We have ripe opportunities to share.

Today, as the partners approve pledges at the Paris Round Table, I personally invite business leaders from around the world to come and invest in Chad. Your investments will not only support the development of an emerging country, the opportunities in Chad will represent handsome returns for those who join us.

With gratitude,

SEM Idriss Deby Itno
President of the Republic of Chad

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